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Emerging Designer: Jessica White for CASA de MODA

Jessica White is a fun-loving, LA based designer who ambitiously created  her own line, The CASA de MODA , that encompasses “an enhanced version, maybe even the alter ego of myself” to quote her. She indicated that she loves to travel and that is evident in the fabrics she uses, perfect for the girl on the go. We caught up with the burgeoning designer to discuss her design inspirations and how she’s managing her brand…


Who is Casa de Moda woman?

CASA de MODA style is classic with an unexpected edge. The CDM woman is a modern city girl. She is fun, ambitious, successful, loves travel, and lives life with a purpose. She works hard, plays hard, and wears CASA de MODA for her life away from the office. Wether it’s cocktails with the girls, a night out with that special someone, or a special event, she knows she’ll make a statement without looking like she tried too hard. She loves that she can pair her CASA de MODA pieces with items in her existing wardrobe to dress them up or down and making them great day to night  transition pieces. 

We love that your materials are animal friendly? Do you find that this improves the quality of the garment?

I am absolutely in love with the fabric I used on the “Acute Angle Shorts” and the “Flap Jacket”! It’s 100% Lyocell and I love the look and feel of it.  It’s similar to linen in that it’s a perfect spring fabric, however it’s extremely soft against your skin, lightweight, and drapes beautifully. Unlike Linen, it’s does not easily wrinkle.When sourcing fabrics, I was happy to see that there are some great eco-friendly options, including animal friendly leathers that don’t compromise the quality of the garment.


How are you standing out from the rest of the design world?

CASA de MODA is special in that  production runs are smaller, making my designs a little more exclusive. In addition, it is a brand you can be proud to support.  God blesses us our a talents to make a positive impact. This season, I took a small step by incorporating eco-friendly fabrics. However, as CASA de MODA continues to grow and evolve as a brand, my goal is to open the level of diversity in the fashion industry, and continue to make positive impacts along the way, it doesn’t matter how big or small.

Who are the designers that inspire you?

Back when I was in fashion school,  I did a report on Tom Ford and ever since then he was my imaginary BFF! I love his attention to detail and precision when it comes to design. When I was going through the design process, I would keep that in mind at fittings. No detail is too small, if a garment needs to be changed just a pinch….it doesn’t matter if it’s a small pinch, you change it! Olivier Rousteing  at Balmain…… need I say more. Also, the California Girl in me loves Heidi Merrick.


What tips can you offer up and coming designers when it comes to managing the financial aspects of a brand?

Plan ahead. Before you spend your first dollar, set up a system for how you will track costs & sales. Take a class,  set up an appointment with the SBA (Small Business Association), or make an appointment with an accountant to show you the most efficient way for you to set up your system.

Organization. Set aside specific times of the week to record & update your financials. Keep every business related receipt and download an app on your phone that allows you to scan your receipts for easy tracking.

Stay on budget. As a new designer you will source a lot of services such as PR, marketing, production etc. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Decide how you will break up your finances and stick to that budget as much as possible. When you first start you will be a jack of all trades.

Be Patient. Starting a fashion line is costly. There will be a lot of dead ends, but sometimes they lead to an open door.  I would say to myself… “There is a way, I just haven’t found it yet” So be patient and have faith.

Where can interested buyers find your pieces?

We are currently having a pre-sale that begins 4/1/2014 at and I have some exciting news. Sereine Magazine readers will receive free shipping on any Pre-orders they make through 4/15. Use promo code: SEREINE.

For updates on CASA de MODA, readers can follow at INSTAGRAM & Twitter: @cdmjessicalynn and FACEBOOK: Casa de Moda by jessica lynn

Thanks  to Jessica for sharing your insights and extending this offer to our readers!


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