Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014 First Edition

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014  First Edition

This past weekend,  Amsterdam in the Netherlands was the place to be for many emerging designers. Although, we did not physically cover the event, we were glad to be contacted by the organizers and to get the rundown on the work they do to promote emerging talents.

A few info on Amsterdam Fashion Week and its aim.

AFWA was founded by Diana Tambe, a young designer from Africa known for her red carpet clothing line Black Pearl’s Secret. Due to a need for a platform doing justice to African and African inspired fashion, culture and art in the Netherlands, she founded AFWA.

A unique three-day event organized on an annual basis in the capital city of the Netherlands.  AFWA 2014 aims to emphasize the influence and contribution of African fashion designers in today’s international fashion scene. Never before has this city witnessed such a big multicultural fashion event before.

Africans as well as African inspired designers from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe presented their collections to an international audience in Amsterdam. This year 20 designers were invited to present their collections through inspiring fashion shows, in order to titillate the fashion loving audience.

For more info on how you can sign up for their next event or attend as a fashion blogger or journalist. Visit their webpage here.

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