Emerging Designer: Kris Jane International


After completing her studies at Istituto Marangoni a private school for fashion and design in Milan, Kris Jane knew that she had found her calling as a designer. She then traveled to Hong Kon and created her line in May 2012. Her focus is creating pieces that fully compliment  a woman’s silhouette accented with A- line shapes and peplum drawn from a variety of cultures. This collection entitled “Lance and Lilies”  combines medieval armor and florals  and creates a “futuristic nostalgia” and a definite play on hard and soft contrasts.  Check out our interview with Kris below….

1) Who is the Kris Jane woman?
She is someone who is independent, confident and makes an effort to stand out from the crowd. She would also have a refined taste in contemporary arts culture .
2) How are you setting yourself apart in a very crowded world of fashion design?
This is probably the most challenging part, because you really have to first understand who you are as a designer and as a brand. For me, it’s a constant learning progress.  As a new brand, it is very important that your products make commercial sense to your buyers, but always be true to your vision. 
3) Your mother is also a fashion designer. How has she influenced your style and design aesthetic?
We’ve always had very different aesthetics. However, she is very daring and is never afraid to experiment with new ideas. I am very lucky to have grown up with this kind of influence. And that’s a very big part of what my label is about, it’s about being creative, being experimental with new elements and pushing boundaries.
4) You launched your collection just a few years ago. What financial advice can you give novice designers looking to start a brand?
-Be very realistic with your expectations. You can definitely start a brand with limited budget and resources. The key is to know how to leverage them. 
-Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other people, collective effort is always more effective, particularly at the beginning. 
-Be very cautious when bringing new investors, it could be a blessing or a curse working with investors too early on.
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5) What values has served you well as a designer and business owner?
Passion and Persistence .
6) Where can interested buyers purchase your designs?
Or simply just email to ask for our wholesale linesheet.
Thank you Kris for sharing your creative and business gems with our audience!

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