Emerging designers showing during New York Fashion Week
Emerging designers showing during New York Fashion Week

Sereine Magazine was launched on January 2013. We wanted to create a blog that celebrates emerging talents. Fashion is much more than just established designers. More often, it is about unknown designers that have the drive, the desire and the passion to take their work to the next level. Our aim is to be the voice and the media platform for these emerging designers. We hope that you will support us in our journey to bring these designers to the forefront. After all, today’s established fashion brands were at one point emerging ones.

Team Sereine Magazine

Roberte co-founder of Sereine Magazine. Roberte has contributed for publications such as Trace TV and Singersroom.com covering fashion and celebrities news. She has interned at one of New York’s most prestigious fashion showrooms, “Showroom Seven.” While there, she realized how much she wanted to create a platform where emerging designers with minimal exposure in the fashion world could showcase their work.

Leah co-founder of Sereine Magazine. Although Leah’s diverse professional background includes law, finance and HR, she immensely enjoys tapping into her creative side in writing about music and fashion.

Contact Leah at  sereinemagazine@gmail.com

Roberte at infosereinemagazine@gmail.com

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