Emerging Shoe Designer: Aminah Abdul Jillil

Aminah Abdul Jillil

When it comes to shoes big fashion names come to mind like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and so forth… Little do some know,  there are upcoming brands like Aminah Abdul Jillil that are changing the game as well  in the shoe category with incredible and over the top shoes.


Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska Aminah began as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, performing with some of the biggest names in music including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. In 2012 Aminah launched her first collection of women’s shoes selling mostly online and a few L.A based boutiques including the iconic Fred Segal.

See some of her work below.






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Photos: Aminah Abdul Jillil


Emerging Brand at LA Fashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase To Watch: Tokio Fever

Tokio Fever

Last but not least is fashion designer and founder of the LA Emerging Designer Showcase Kenya Jametta, the face behind the Tokio Fever fashion label. Expectations will be high on Jametta,  and honestly, I cannot wait to see what she has under her sleeves for spring 15.  We recently featured her on our blog. For more info  on her and how you can send her your designs to be a part of  the 2015 LA Fashion Week Emerging Designers’ showcase edtion,  click here.


For her spring 15 collection, the inspiration was complex simplicity. Expect clothes that are comfortable,  easy to wear, whimsical, bold as well as very   structured.

Tokio Fever

Tokio Fever

Runway show: October 24, 2014, 8:30 pm.

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Photo courtesy of Kenya Jametta


Emerging Brand at LA Fashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase To Watch: JChan’s Design


West coast based fashion label J-Chan’s Designs is on our radar as the brand preps to debut its spring 15 collection during the LA Fashion Week Emerging Designers’ showcase.


Founded by Jessica Rowell,  this budding fashion designer will be showing a range of aquatic and forest-like colors. Coupled with a mixture of detailed texture, subtle prints, and fluid fabrics. Take a look at some of her past work below.

JChans's Designs

JChans's Designs

JChans's Designs

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Photo:JChan’s Designs

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Emerging Brand at LA Fashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase To Watch: DYG


Next up in the LA Fashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase is DYG, short for Dapper Young Gentlemen,  a LA based fashion brand.


“Our Designs  range from very bright and playful accessories to more industrious looks that cater to an upscale audience” is how  H.S Reid, one of the founders of this menswear line  would describe his work.  Founded in 2009 by Reid and Jamar Canty to provide a line of distinctive ties, bow ties, and pocket squares hand crafted and manufactured in LA’s fashion district. Their mission is to inspire gentlemen to upgrade their wardrobe, along with their lifestyle.

Runway Show: Friday, October 24, 2014 at 8pm.

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Emerging Brand at LA Fashion Week Emerging Designer Showcase To Watch: Luvgen


As I mentioned yesterday, the LA Fashion Week Emerging Fashion Designers will be held this Friday, October 25. One of the four emerging fashion brands that has been selected to showcase its collection is LUVGEN.


Founded by costume designer/stylist, Malcolm Joris M. Bacani, this LA, California-based menswear fashion brand is hoping to re-launch its brand with a collection that targets teens and provide ready to wear pieces. With a minimalism approach and graphic prints, Bacani’s spring 15 collection may put him onto the right track to touch a new fan base.

Runway Show: Friday, October 24, 2014 at 7:30 pm.

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Photo source: LA Emerging Designers


LA Fashion Week Emerging Designers Showcase S/S 15 Presentations

LA Fashion Week  Emerging Designers Showcase S/S 15 Presentations

If New York is the fashion capital of the US, LA  Fashion Week is also one of the biggest stages/event  for many established fashion brands as well as upcoming fashion designers interested in taking their brand to the next level and/or making a name for themselves.  LA Fashion Week is currently in full swing and will continue until this Friday, October 25.  The final day of the event is all about turning the spotlight on emerging brands with the LA Emerging Designers Showcase that brings designers into the forefront of the LA fashion scene. This year four designers will take center stage at the event: Tokio Fever (that we recently featured on the blog), DYG, JChans’s Designs and  Luvgen.

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Emerging Brand: IIkonee S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

We are starting off the week with IIKNOEE, an eco-friendly fashion brand that does not use animal skins or by products such as wool and silk in their garments.


Started by fashion designers Benita and Tatjana, the two women are all about simplicity and starkness when it comes to telling the story about the celebration of space and timelessness in an overcrowded and fast paced world. It is minimalism infused with thoughtful and intentional monochromatic protection.

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

I really like this collection because sometimes, less is more.  The cuts, shapes and the silhouettes are simple but yet elegant and feminine. Many women will definitely fall in love with some of their pieces because after all, not everyone is into intricate details and over the top fashion.

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

IIKONEE S/S15 Collection

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Photos: IIkonee


KÖKLER’s S/S15 Art and Fashion Exhibit in Milan, Italy

KOKLER s/S15 collection

We know that  the world of fashion and art have an intertwined  history as many  fashion designers find their inspiration from many great artists and vice versa. Fashion week has officially ended in Milan and with that say, I would like to introduce you to KÖKLER,  a fashion brand that takes the world of fashion  to a whole new level when it comes to turning some of the world’s best art pieces into show stopping garments.


A fashion brand that adopts the same creative process applied in the fine arts: research aesthetics, look for inspiration, new shapes and forms with unique pieces  that are  manufactured manually.  It is about transforming artworks and metamorphosing them into wearable fashion items with audacious cuts accentuated by accomplished craftsmen.

While many designers chose the runway to showcase their s/s 15 collection,  KÖKLER chose  to show theirs as an exhibit that tells the story behind each piece. Fans and interested buyers get a  more personal and unique experience by getting a closer look at the collection from concept, design and production.

If you plan to be in Milan in the next few days, stop at the Spazio OBERDAN, Viale Vittorio Veneto 2,  to get a closer look of the exhibit.  It will be open to the public until September 28, 2014. Interested buyers can find the high-end Prêt-à-Porter collection, entirely made in Italy  at the Showroom Pizzini in Milan.

Take a look at some looks from th

KÖKLER S/S15 Collection

KÖKLER S/S15 Collection

KÖKLER S/S15 Collection

Special thanks to Denise.

Photo credit: KÖKLER

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Video: Stella Maze Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Debut Collection



As I mentioned a few days ago, Stella Maze debuted the Stella Hues shoe line during the Michael Costello s/s 15 collection during Mercedes-Benz fashion week in New York.

With her signature blue soles, her shoes were the perfect accessory to set off Project runway season 8 candidate and  Project Runway All-Star  season 1 finalist, Micheal Costello’s collection of edgy and  feminine dresses. If you  are interested in purchasing any items from her debut collection, visit her webpage here.  Just in case you want a closer look at her runway debut collection, watch the action below.

Photo credit: Stella Hues

Special thanks to Jade


Max Tan S/S 15 Collection


Always on the look out for emerging talents, today our discovery takes us to Singapore where tailored Women’s RTW fashion brand Max Tan is based.


Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak.  It is how Max Tan defines his work as a designer. Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, much of the label’s attention is paid to tailoring and draping. Playing with volume, modifying shapes, oversized, undersized, deconstruction and reconstruction while blurring the line between  masculine and feminine silhouettes to  provide women with an alternative and quiet fashion lifestyle.


For his spring/summer 15 collection, Tan introduces the abstract concept of everything probable and impossible. The limitless, the unbounded, and the unconventional. The idea of creating hybrid garments with no hems but lengthened and flipped up, transforming into another garment as seen on the shirtdress below extended into a jacket bodice, morphing a two-piece garment into one.


Sleeves are conjoined together with fabrics flowing one side to another, leaving a drape behind the wearer.







Inspired by the curves of the Infinity symbol, curved seams are tactically used to create the main silhouette of the collection; Volumes. Pieces are hung onto the wearer’s body lightly; yet creating big shapes and forms.

MAX TAN SS15 Collection







Tan’s pieces are definitely for women that are not afraid to take their fashion taste to a new level.  Fashionistas that are eager to experiment with androgynous pieces and make bold statements.  At any rate, please let us know what you think of Tan’s latest collection. Follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Max Tan


Emerging Designer To Watch During New York Fashion Week: Stella Maze to Debut Footwear Collection with Michael Costello


Her name may not tell you anything but soon people will be talking about Stella Maze.  At 5 pm Eastern time, she is set to debut her footwear collection “Stella Hues”  in collaboration with celebrity fashion designer Michael Costello during his spring/summer 15 runway show at Lincoln Center.


An accessory visionary and luxury footwear designer from the British Virgin Islands and the face behind Stella Hues.  After launching her brand a less than a year ago, the budding designer’s shoes are uniquely crafted utilizing the finest materials from Italy. Fashionably known as the “Blue Bottoms”, the collection guarantees high-end design, exceptional quality and extraordinary comfort. For more info on Maze’s work check out her signature blue soles at www.stellahues.com.

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Special thanks to Jade for bringing our attention onto Stella Maze’s work.

Photo credit: Stella Hues


Introducing Luevo: A Platform for Emerging Designers and Fashionistas


Are you an emerging designer/brand in search of new ways to get your collection to the masses? In celebration of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, I would like to introduce you to Luevo, the place where emerging designers can sell their collection and consumers pre-order unique fashion straight off the runway.


A pre-ordering online platform that showcases pieces from designers including emerging ones. Founded by Ana Caracaleanu and Mihnea Stoian,  this Canadian Start up  is about helping fashion brands as soon as they get market recognition through fashion week events to start manufacturing their collection.

For the first time, Luevo has partnered with fashion weeks across the U.S so that fashion fanatics get the exclusive privilege to reserve their favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2015 collections fresh off the runway.  All you have to do is to sign-up to be the first to access exclusive collections, capsules and showroom looks to get  your favorite pieces before anyone else.

If you are an emerging designer interested in how Luevo can help you take your brand to the next level, contact them here.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Pinterest and Tumblr.

Photo: Luevo Pinterest


Emerging Designer to Watch During New York Fashion Week:Diarra Bousso


New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow. While Leah will be attending a few shows for the blog, one collection that  we are eagerly waiting to see is from stylist turned fashion designer, Diarra Bousso of Senegal.  We will be reviewing her collection so in the meantime, you can get familiar with her work by checking some her past collections on her website here.

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Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014 First Edition

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014  First Edition

This past weekend,  Amsterdam in the Netherlands was the place to be for many emerging designers. Although, we did not physically cover the event, we were glad to be contacted by the organizers and to get the rundown on the work they do to promote emerging talents.

A few info on Amsterdam Fashion Week and its aim.

AFWA was founded by Diana Tambe, a young designer from Africa known for her red carpet clothing line Black Pearl’s Secret. Due to a need for a platform doing justice to African and African inspired fashion, culture and art in the Netherlands, she founded AFWA.

A unique three-day event organized on an annual basis in the capital city of the Netherlands.  AFWA 2014 aims to emphasize the influence and contribution of African fashion designers in today’s international fashion scene. Never before has this city witnessed such a big multicultural fashion event before.

Africans as well as African inspired designers from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe presented their collections to an international audience in Amsterdam. This year 20 designers were invited to present their collections through inspiring fashion shows, in order to titillate the fashion loving audience.

For more info on how you can sign up for their next event or attend as a fashion blogger or journalist. Visit their webpage here.

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Interview: Kenya Jametta Founder/ CEO of LA Emerging Designers and Tokio Fever

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

We starting off this week with Kenya Jametta,  the founder/CEO of  LA Emerging Designers and the head designer behind her own fashion label Tokio Fever. Kenya James is an accomplished woman and her work is one of the reasons why I wanted to highlight her endeavors: showcasing the work of  emerging designers onto the LA fashion scene and to the world of fashion. I had the honor to ask her a few questions  that any aspiring designers or brands need to know to take their business to the next level.

SM. Hi Kenya, can you tell us about the LA Emerging Designers and how the idea came about to launch it?

KJ-LAED came about quite unexpected actually. With me being a new comer to LA, as well as an emerging self-taught Fashion Designer, I had no idea where to begin as far as showcasing my designs. First, I did some research on presenting my collection as an emerging designer with some of LA’s premier and most popular Fashion Week venues, and found them to be way out of my budget range as an emerging designer. Secondly, I knew that presenting my collection for the first time, in a new place, and where I was unknown, could mean a huge possibility that the showcase would be unsuccessful. Then I began to think bigger…. “Why not produce a showcase during LA Fashion Week that showcases ONLY Emerging Designers and Artists. And so I did.

SM. In trying to establish the LA Emerging Designers, how were you able to get sponsors to work with you and secure funds for it?

KJ – This was a huge challenge. As LAED was new, and had no financial backing, I first looked to build a team around me for additional support. I was able to find two individuals that totally backed my vision and shared the same interests in highlighting unknown talent, who were both from the LA area. My team consisted of myself, my publicist Ms.JGray of Image is Everything PR and Zella of Zella Blogs. With them having already established relationships with many emerging designers, bloggers, media and possible sponsors and supporters, they completed most of the footwork. The two of them were able to secure sponsors willing to donate product in which many of them were used as gift bag sponsors. I was able to secure a venue at a minimal cost, which allowed me the ability to offer showcasing with us very affordable to truly Emerging Designers. I am hoping that this year we will be able to secure an event larger venue, as well as securing additional sponsors.

SM.Most designers, especially emerging ones expect some big returns when they sign up for any fashion related events. At the beginning stages, how were you able to find these designers and convince them to work with you?

KJ -This is very true. First, I stuck to searching for true emerging talent. This meant fresh new designers, willing to invest in building their own brand. Majority of the designers that we worked with last year were establishing their brands and wanting to present a collection, maybe even their first go around. While some emerging designers are expecting some sort of recognition on a large-scale, most emerging designers just want their work and talents to be seen, recognized and acknowledged…. and those where the designers that I wanted to work with. My team and I utilized social media, as well as the LEAD website in order to promote and recruit, and surprisingly they found us!

SM. An event cannot be complete without media coverage. How were you as well able at the beginning stages to convince them to work with you?

KJ  Finding media outlets can be challenging, however our Public Relations Coordinator was able to secure media outlets that wanted to view fresh designers. We were able to secure a host of respectable bloggers, photographers, fashion writers, local radio stations, boutiques, socialites and tastemakers of fashion to attend the show and interview the designers, as well as cover red carpet.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. What would you say were the biggest challenges that you faced along the way? 

KJ- The biggest challenges were initially securing media, and managing and maintaining the actual budgeting for the production. We needed to be sure that everything was planned accordingly and was feasible in order to keep costs low for the designers as well as LA Emerging Designers.

SM. What would you say was your biggest accomplishment so far?

KJ- I would have to say my biggest accomplishment was successfully completing the production, while staying true to what I intended LAED to be. A full runway production showcasing only raw emerging designers and artists.

SM. Why should any emerging designers work with you?

KJ- Well, for starters we have built a strong foundation and network for the emerging designers that have worked with us. We take value in creating an online presence as well as promoting and working with our designers year round. Most importantly, we offer a valuable platform that highlights emerging designers during LA Fashion Week at a cost efficient affordable price to emerging designers.

SM. What criteria do emerging designers need to meet in order to work with you?

KJ- We have a very specific process in which we select designers that we would like to showcase with us. First, a designer must complete and submit a full application along with recent photos of their work. All applications are submitted directly to me, and I review each application with a fine eye. I look for detail oriented designers with a strong point of view, construction is extremely important, as well as the ability to produce a complete cohesive collection for viewing.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. LA Fashion Week is a great platform for designers to showcase their work; can you tell us how the collaboration between you and them started?

KJ– Well LA has a pretty diverse and free-flowing market. There are a variety of LA Fashion Week show productions and producers that showcase throughout the weeks of LAFW both March and October. We look forward to possibly partnering up with one of the larger production venues in the near future.

SM. By that I mean how did the LA emerging designers showcase come about during LA Fashion Week?

KJ- While formulating my plans for this showcase, I wanted to keep in mind creating a significant platform for emerging designers. I thought “What better opportunity than to showcase during LA Fashion Week?” I selected a date and began planning.

SM. My blog is about showcasing emerging designers and letting them know about the resources available to them. Where can emerging designers get the help they need to get their line off the ground?

KJ- Research, research, and more research! An emerging designer can always benefit from beefing up on and utilizing some really great online resources for emerging fashion designers, such as www.startupfashion.com and www.thefashionpotential.com. In addition, learning the process of production, sales and merchandising is extremely important for every designer and entrepreneur to know. As the Founder of LA Emerging Designers, I wanted to create a platform that made LA a place that embraces emerging designers and artists. We partner with emerging designers who desire to build and broaden their establishing brands. Our premium services offer affordable studio design & meeting space, in addition to premium services that will allow designers to serve their growing clientele. Our member services include: Showroom Services & access to leading Stylists, Private Showcase Production, Photo Shoot Production, Linkage to PR Services, as well as Tailored Online Services. All of which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the designer.

SM. I often hear from many of them that securing funds is one of the biggest challenges they are faced with. Do you have any advice (business wise) for them when money is an issue?

KJ- Yes. Funding is always a major concern with emerging designers. My advice would be to move at a steady, feasible pace. Knowing your financial limits, and being sure you are fully prepared to take on your journey as a designer and entrepreneur. Being prepared, planning and budgeting are extremely important.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. Besides helping emerging designers, you are also the designer behind the fashion brand Tokio Fever. Can you tell us about your latest collection and where is it available?

KJ- My latest and very first complete collection to date is entitled “Mod Meets Japan”. I was very inspired by the Mod era so I drew inspiration from Super Model Twiggy, as well as two of my favorite Japanese Designers: Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. I used that inspiration to blend the aesthetics of classical Japanese flare adding a twist of 60’s Mod era bold colors and textures. I really had fun creating this collection! You can visit www.tokiofever.com to shop the collection.

SM. Last but not least, how can anyone interested in working with you get in touch with you?

KJ- For LA Emerging Designers you can reach us by visiting www.laemergingdesigners.com or sending us an email to info@laemergingdesigners.com

For Tokio Fever inquires you can visit www.tokiofever.com or email kenyaj@tokiofever.com

Photos Tokio Fever by Nam Ngo