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Zendaya for Flaunt Magazine


Zendaya Coleman is the latest star to break out of the Disney caste to tackle more challenging roles in Hollywood. The actress and multi platinum selling singer has currently been named the face of Madonna’s Material Girl line  and was chosen to portray late singer Aaliyah in her biopic but has since dropped out of the project. Apparently Aaliyah fans are very protective of her image and who they want to play her but that shouldn’t take away from Zendaya’s talent. Here’s to hoping Zendaya maintains a positive image an branches out in a way that highlights her talents as opposed to another Disney star whose twerking skills or lack thereof overshadows her music! It was nice to hear the 17 year old wants to stay with Disney for now to appeal with her young fan base in her interview with the publication. Check out the recent spread by Flaunt Magazine below where she is rocking looks by J Brand, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Fausto Puglisi….




Shot_02_2861BW Shot_04_2979





Photo Credit: Frederic Auerbach

Special thanks again to The Confluence Group for providing this spread!!

See video of the shoot here.


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Call For Emerging Beauty/Hair Brands


Sereine Magazine is not just your typical blog, our aim is to highlight emerging talents in the field of fashion to give you readers other alternatives of what you can currently find on the market.

Just like we love fashion, we also love beauty and hair. We have been dabbing into beauty and hair but not as much as we would like it. We are seriously considering working a bit more on it bring your more beauty posts .  With that said,  we would like to feature emerging cosmetic/hair brands that bring a new perspective into the beauty industry. If you would like to feature your brand and have one of us review or attend one of your events, please send us an email at or

Support emerging talents.

Roberte &Leah

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From Our Beauty Pages: Jasmine Oil for Hair


You can achieve beautiful, manageable hair without expensive treatments which is why I love oils! They condition, moisturize and adds amazing shine. This week we are featuring Jasmine oil which was historically used in Egypt and the Mediterranean to ease headaches, nervous disorders and insomnia. The oil is great for many different hair types as it strengthens hair roots, promotes growth and can be washed out easily without making the hair greasy. Jasmine oil is also great for the scalp as it relieves itchy scalp and can help eliminate dandruff. Of course it smells great! A word of caution when using a concentrated oil like jasmine, always dilute with a carrier oil such as grapeseed, olive or coconut.  If you want to give your hair an extra treat for the weekend, try this recipe:


Add 4 drops Jasmine oil and 1/3 cup olive oil to your favorite moisturizing conditioner and cover your head with a plastic cap or shopping bag for up to an hour. The benefits will become quickly apparent.

Let us know your experiences with this amazing oil below!

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From our Beauty Page: Oils Every Natural Haired Maven Should Have in their Arsenal

Here at SM, we extol the wonders of oils. They add much needed shine and seals in moisture to the hair especially in the winter time.  IMHO, these are the top three you should definitely have in your rotation:


Olive Oil

When I told my cousin that olive oil is not just for cooking and that you can use it on your hair and skin she was amazed. Early usage in skin care application dates back to 2600 BCE in the Eastern Mediterrean. Understandbly so, olive oil is a deep penetrating moisturizer, regenerates cells and softens tissue. I enjoy mixing it with castor oil and massaging into my scalp to stimulate growth. For my strands, it penetrates the hair shaft adding essential fatty acids and vitamin, not to mention shine. Whenever possible, be sure to cop extra virgin olive oil as that is the highest grade.

jojoba oil

Jojoba Oil

I consider this one the mother of all hair oils as it most closely resembles the oils our scalps naturally secrete. It is a lightweight oil that also penetrates the hair shaft,  leaves no residue, will not clog pores and is antibacterial.  It prevents hair loss and thinning  as well as stimulate growth.

castor oil

Castor Oil

I have a very special place in my heart for castor oil as it was one of the first oils I used when I started my healthy hair journey. Whenever I use this oil to twist or just seal in moisture, I get NO breakage !  And the biggest benefit is that it prevents hair shedding and actually thickens it. I didn’t believe the hype when I first did my research but it absolutely helped in boosting growth at my thinning temples. It also  conditions the scalp and will assist with dandruff. The only precaution I will mention is that this oil is very thick and is probably best for people with tightly curled dry hair.

This is just an initial installment of my fave oil reviews…stay tuned for more!

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Healthy Hair Fridays! Vitamins 101

The Fashion  Spot

So in the past, we’ve always reserved Fridays for our favorite things from shopping to restaurants to beauty items! But we decided to transition to bringing healthy hair tips to our readers. And who doesn’t want gorgeous locks?! Vitamins add that extra supplemental value to our systems that we otherwise might not be getting from our daily diets. However, many people take vitamins haphazardly, unaware that they are not receiving the full benefit. It is always best to take vitamins esp before a vigourous work out so that they absorb into the bloodstream. Below are a few tips for vitamin intake:

 Time of Day

There is no set time of day to take a vitamin supplement necessarily. Some vitamins come with a “time release” feature that claims to slowly release the vitamin into the system, but I think you get the same effect from regular vitamins. Vitamin C is a stimulant vitamin and is best taken in the morning to help get your day going. Hair follicles thrive in a collagen rich environment and Vitamin C helps in its production.  B6 helps in the production of serotonin and melotonin, two neurotransmitters in the brain that help regulate mood, feelings of depression and healthy sleep cycles. I recommend taking a B complex vitamin as it not only helps for a better nights sleep but it is great for hair growth and maintenance.

 I’m going to breakdown the B vitamin and the foods it can be found in a future post…

 Vitamin Interaction

For the most part some vitamins can be taken together, but there are exceptions. Calcium blocks the absorption of Iron, so don’t mix these two. It’s best to take Iron with Vitamin C as it helps with absorption. Iron can also help to reduce hair breakage. Magnesium helps with the absorption of Vitamin D , both have been found to help maintain healthy hair.

 Water Soluble vs Fat Soluble Vitamins

This one can get a little complicated, so rather than bore you to tears, I’ll make this quick: Fat Soluble vitamins are absorbed in the large intestines and stored in the liver (used by the body when needed) whereas water soluble vitamins are not stored in the body. The body takes what it needs and releases the excess in the urine. These vitamins need to be constantly replaced.

 Fat Soluble Vitamins: A, D, E and K

Water Soluble Vitamins: Vitamin C and B Complex

 As always before taking ANY dietary supplement, consult your physician. A multivitamin is usually useful as long as they provide 100% of each dietary supplement for the day. Additionally, taking too many vitamins can be toxic so follow the products instructions. I o’d on a B complex vitamin last year and my fingertips went numb…literally, crazy!

Do you have any healthy hair tips? Comment and share below!

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Friday Favorite: Shop Alison Raffaele Annual Sale

Alison Raffaele annual-sale

Here at Sereine Magazine, we are big fans of emerging brands. A favorite of ours is Alison Raffaele cosmetics. Today is your last day to shop the Alison Raffaele annual sale event. Save 40% off on everything by using the promo code Lucky 13 at checkout.

Since its creation in 2008, Alison Raffaele’s cosmetic has been offering women of all shades the opportunity to live and feel beautiful in their own skin. She also offers easy-to-use eco-friendly cosmetics with treatment-oriented formulations designed to create a healthy and flawless complexion, for any makeup look. Shop the line here.

Here is Alison below talking about singer/ songwriter Esnavi becoming one of the faces of her brand.

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Friday Favorite: Ayurvedic Treatments for Healthy Hair

kba inc2

Hair care is an essential part of any beauty regimen and I love to experiment with new products/techniques. At the urging of a few of the ladies on YouTube, I decided to purchase Neem, Amla and Brahmi powder to work into my hair and skin regimen.  The term ayurvedic originates in India and is referred to as  “alternative medicine”. I’m always fascinated when I research beauty secrets from around the world even more so by the fact that these products are natural and are very effective. There are obvious benefits because each product boasts the following:

Neem: Comes from leaves and can be used on hair to treat acute dandruff problems, scalp symptoms of psoriasis, and encourages silky, shiny hair as well as hair growth. It is a natural antiseptic that controls oils on the skin.

Amla: Comes from the Indian gooseberry fruit and promotes hair growth, controls hair loss and premature graying of hair. It is also great for the skin in that it helps remove pimples and dirt and acts as a natural astringent and toner.

Brahmi: Comes from Brahmi thyme leaves and can help to prevent hair shedding, thinning and premature graying. It is also known to strengthen hair roots and clears dandruff

In a nutshell, these products seem to have deep cleansing properties that seem to really benefit both hair and skin. However, these powders can tend to be a bit drying so if your using it on your hair, I would recommend always deep conditioning afterward with a moisturizing conditioner. I usually mix about 1 tbls of Amla, 1 tbls of Neem, 1 tbls Brahmi, generous amount of cheap conditioner(I like V05 moisture milk), coconut milk (for extra conditioning), water and an oil (olive, castor or grapeseed). I find this mix acts not only as a protein conditioner but also a hair mask. I use this on my hair about once a month and find it very strengthening not to mention it makes my hair very soft! You can find these powders at your local Indian market or on Amazon (because obviously Amazon has every product known to man haha). Do you use ayurvedic treatments? Let us know below!



Beauty: The New Nail Art Site of L’Oreal Paris

 L' Oreal Paris Nail Art

Are you a fan of nail art? Are you always on the search for new nail art trends/techniques? If yes, you will most likely be interested in the new webpage created by L’ Oreal Paris dedicated entirely to the world of nail art.

L'Oreal Paris Nail Art


Beauty: The Face Slimmer Mouth Exercise Mouthpiece


Marketers know that women are pretty much obsess with their physical appearance, especially that we live in a society that worships youth. Coming straight from Japan is the face slimmer mouth exercise, a mouthpiece that is promising according to their webpage to :

Fight wrinkles around your eyes and help shape the overall look of your face, whether in front of the mirror, in the bath or at any other convenient time every day… resulting in more youthful and vibrant faces without having to go under the knife.


So how does this mouthpiece works? You put it in your mouth for three minutes per day, while doing vowel exercises out loud over and over again in order to strengthen the twelve facial expression muscles in a comprehensive way to keep wrinkles away.

Thoughts on this fashionistas and fashionistas?


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Press Event: Singer Songwriter Esnavi Launch Of her Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Line

Esnavi Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Line Collaboration

Last Tuesday, Leah and I attended singer/songwriter Esnavi and Dazzle Dry nail polish launch event at swanky lounge EVR in Manhattan.

 Esnavi Dazzle Dry Launch Event at EVR NYC

As you may recall, last month, I wrote a post about the line that is eco-friendly with no harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor and nitrocellulose. A win win for many people who suffer from terrible allergies, and for those looking for other alternatives to what ‘s currently available on the market right now.

 Esnavi Dazzle Dry Launch Event at EVR NYC

The ESNAVI LIVE COLLECTION by DAZZLE DRY features three nail lacquers ( see photos) named after her songs Morning Dew, Oh My! and Planet E, off her album EXIT E. Shop the Esnavi’/Dazzle dry line here.

 Esnavi Dazzle Dry Launch Event at EV NYC

See more photos of the event and watch the video below courtesy of Esnavi.

 Esnavi Dazzle Dry Launch Event at EV NYC

A special “Thank You” for Esnavi and her manager for this beautiful event. I love you guys.

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Hair: Christina Millian Red Hair versus Snooki versus Rihanna

Christina Millian goes red for Rolling Out Magazine

The Voice Correspondent, Christina Milian above debuted a new hair color on an upcoming cover issue of Rolling Out Magazine. Before her, a slew of celebrities like Rihanna and Snooki tried this bold and eclectic hue. Which ladies rock it best?

Rihanna red updo

snooki red hair

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CWM: Beauty Activist Kenetia Lee


We have the pleasure of speaking to professional makeup artist Kenetia Lee. Kenetia wears many hats including that of author, personal coach, and speaker with over ten years of experience.  Her focus within that time has been to help women transform themselves from the inside out,  and to inspire them to tap into their brilliance. See what’s on her mind below….

Hi Kenetia, and thank you for spending some time with SM. You’ve uniquely branded yourself as a “beauty activist”. Can you let us know what that entails? I advocate for people to feel good about themselves from the inside out. Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

For our readers looking to pursue a career as a makeup artist, especially one to the stars, can you share three key pieces of advice that will lend to their success on this path? What are some pitfalls to avoid? 
1. Practice your craft as often as possible (best place to do this is at a makeup counter). You want   to feel prepared when you get your first celebrity in your makeup chair.
2. Be personable, but don’t talk too much. Being interested in others will take you far.
3. Let other people know who you want to work with. Treat everyone on set with respect, you never know who will be hiring you next. Also, don’t gossip, EVER! People need to know that you can be trusted.
Yes, gossip is a big no no, the fashion and beauty industry is a very small community. I admit I am a bit makeup challenged, in fact I rarely wear it. Do you have any advice for us girls who are low maintenance but don’t want to walk the streets looking like they just rolled out of bed? What are some must-haves to include in our make-up rotation? Buy a tinted moisturizer, mascara and either a lip gloss or lip stain that you love. Lip stain you can double as cheek color if you want to add a little more color to face.
Your book Fearless Beauty, helps women tap into their real beauty to find self-acceptance. How were you able to carve out a niche among the countless self-help books out there? What’s different about this message? I was able to carve out a niche by staying true to my experience and tell my story, which is how I believe anyone can stand apart in any industry. My message doesn’t focus on what we can do with our outer appearance to gain love and acceptance of our appearance, but how healing our past through forgiveness will actual help us to perceive our image in a favorable way.
How did you overcome fear to reach your goals? I don’t think you ever overcome fear. Fear comes and goes. Recognizing fear when it comes up is the only way I am able to continue to reach my goals.  Thank you for the opportunity to share!!!
And thank you Kenetia for sharing your insights with us. Special thanks to Hannah for facilitating our interview.
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Friday Favorite: Havana Twists


If you are thinking about a new do for the summer or just want to change things up, let me suggest Havana Twists! I love how natural, full and playful this style is and for my low maintenance hair ladies it is a great option.  The hair that is used is not the typical “marley hair” but from a brand you can order from The twists are actually installed with a twist method as opposed to a braid so it really looks like your hair.


Of course everyone’s favorite trendsetting naturalista Solange rocked them out at the 6th Annual Roots Picnic…


What do you guys think?


Friday Favorite: Garnier Fructis Hair Products

Another hair product post for our weekly “Friday Favorite” segment. Like most women, I am obsess with my hair especially when it comes to finding the right products that will keep my kinky curly coils under control, soft, manageable and mostly heathy. One hair brand that I am literally obsess with is Garnier Fructis.

Every week, I wash my hair with the Sleek&Shine fortifying conditioner below.

garnier 03

I follow by a deep treatment that I homemade, then I follow by twisting my hair with the Sleek&shine intensely smooth leave-in conditioner below and my favorite hair oil.

garnier 06

Once in a while, I use their Sleek&shine fortifying shampoo when my hair is really dirty to get rid of buildup. Not only my hair stays soft but it smells really good which is a definite plus for me.


Every day before leaving the house, I spray my mixture of the Sleek&Shine leave-in conditioner, water and oil into my hair for added moisturizing, then I am good to go about my business.  Is there a hair product s that you guys cannot leave without, if so, please leave me a comment below.


Friday Favorite: Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub and Body Clear Body Wash

Photo: Neutrogena

Hi guys, Roberte here for another “Friday Favorite” post. Like most women, I have lots of imperfections. There are so many things about myself that I would love to get rid of and one of them is this dreadful four-letter word “acne”.

Even though, I am no longer a teenager, I suffer from acne on my face and on my back. Dermatologists can be expensive so to deal with this issue, I use over the counter products such as Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub and Body Clear Body Wash Pink Grapefruit that I buy at my local Duane Reade and Walgreens pharmacies.

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash

I have to say that I am very pleased with both products. They are part of my daily routine to keep my face and body acne clear, and I love the way they smell. The only con is that both products dry up my skin so I compensate with a daily mosturizing lotion.

Photo: Neutrogena

How about you guys? Are you suffering from facial and/or body acne? Please share your experience with me in the comment section below and tell me what you use.

Photo: Neutrogena

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend any products in particular because each individual’s acne is not the same, and may require a different treatment. The best way to go about acne and to treat it efficiently is to consult a doctor.

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