Emerging Designer: Kris Jane International


After completing her studies at Istituto Marangoni a private school for fashion and design in Milan, Kris Jane knew that she had found her calling as a designer. She then traveled to Hong Kon and created her line in May 2012. Her focus is creating pieces that fully compliment  a woman’s silhouette accented with A- line shapes and peplum drawn from a variety of cultures. This collection entitled “Lance and Lilies”  combines medieval armor and florals  and creates a “futuristic nostalgia” and a definite play on hard and soft contrasts.  Check out our interview with Kris below….

1) Who is the Kris Jane woman?
She is someone who is independent, confident and makes an effort to stand out from the crowd. She would also have a refined taste in contemporary arts culture .
2) How are you setting yourself apart in a very crowded world of fashion design?
This is probably the most challenging part, because you really have to first understand who you are as a designer and as a brand. For me, it’s a constant learning progress.  As a new brand, it is very important that your products make commercial sense to your buyers, but always be true to your vision. 
3) Your mother is also a fashion designer. How has she influenced your style and design aesthetic?
We’ve always had very different aesthetics. However, she is very daring and is never afraid to experiment with new ideas. I am very lucky to have grown up with this kind of influence. And that’s a very big part of what my label is about, it’s about being creative, being experimental with new elements and pushing boundaries.
4) You launched your collection just a few years ago. What financial advice can you give novice designers looking to start a brand?
-Be very realistic with your expectations. You can definitely start a brand with limited budget and resources. The key is to know how to leverage them. 
-Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other people, collective effort is always more effective, particularly at the beginning. 
-Be very cautious when bringing new investors, it could be a blessing or a curse working with investors too early on.
 11 14
5) What values has served you well as a designer and business owner?
Passion and Persistence .
6) Where can interested buyers purchase your designs?
Or simply just email to ask for our wholesale linesheet.
Thank you Kris for sharing your creative and business gems with our audience!

Emerging Designer To Watch During New York Fashion Week: Stella Maze to Debut Footwear Collection with Michael Costello


Her name may not tell you anything but soon people will be talking about Stella Maze.  At 5 pm Eastern time, she is set to debut her footwear collection “Stella Hues”  in collaboration with celebrity fashion designer Michael Costello during his spring/summer 15 runway show at Lincoln Center.


An accessory visionary and luxury footwear designer from the British Virgin Islands and the face behind Stella Hues.  After launching her brand a less than a year ago, the budding designer’s shoes are uniquely crafted utilizing the finest materials from Italy. Fashionably known as the “Blue Bottoms”, the collection guarantees high-end design, exceptional quality and extraordinary comfort. For more info on Maze’s work check out her signature blue soles at

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Special thanks to Jade for bringing our attention onto Stella Maze’s work.

Photo credit: Stella Hues

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Zendaya for Flaunt Magazine


Zendaya Coleman is the latest star to break out of the Disney caste to tackle more challenging roles in Hollywood. The actress and multi platinum selling singer has currently been named the face of Madonna’s Material Girl line  and was chosen to portray late singer Aaliyah in her biopic but has since dropped out of the project. Apparently Aaliyah fans are very protective of her image and who they want to play her but that shouldn’t take away from Zendaya’s talent. Here’s to hoping Zendaya maintains a positive image an branches out in a way that highlights her talents as opposed to another Disney star whose twerking skills or lack thereof overshadows her music! It was nice to hear the 17 year old wants to stay with Disney for now to appeal with her young fan base in her interview with the publication. Check out the recent spread by Flaunt Magazine below where she is rocking looks by J Brand, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Fausto Puglisi….




Shot_02_2861BW Shot_04_2979





Photo Credit: Frederic Auerbach

Special thanks again to The Confluence Group for providing this spread!!

See video of the shoot here.


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Emerging Accessory Brand: Wild Flower Cases



Today’s emerging brand Wild Flower Cases comes out of Los Angeles, California.


Launched in 2013 by founder and creator, Michelle Carlson, Wild Flower was created by Carlson to fill in her need of phone cases that were edgy, cool, creative and that reflected her style.  With lots of creative exploration, she found a way to make iPhone covers with the most unique and limited fabric designs when she does not design them herself. Check out some of the brand’s hottest cases below.









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Photos:Wild Flower

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Emerging Brand:Drapes by Ashley Scott

wrath website2

Today’s emerging designer feature comes courtesy of Ashley Scott, the face behind  the accessories brand Drapes by Ashley Scott.


Founded in 2008, the emerging label embodies the beauty in imperfection.  It is about experimenting with movements, tassels, dip dying, ripping, sculpting, painting, melting and  burning  to create original pieces. Scott’s inspiration comes from classic and modern art and all or her pieces reflect her love for art and design. Her current collection  entitled” Wrath” was designed for men that want to express themselves in a bold and original fashion although Scott designs pieces for women as well. From the pages of Elle Magazine, Refinery 29 and other fashion publication, Scott’s designs has helped her make a name for herself as one of Chicago’s rising accessories designers.

Check out her 2014  collection below and tell us what you think of Scott’s designs.

wrath press 2

wrath website




Interested in getting your hand on one of her pieces, contact Ashley Scott directly by emailing her at 

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Emerging Designer: Marylai of Marylai New York

Marylai's Handbag

Our first feature of the week takes us to New York City where luxury handbag designer Marylai of Marylai New York resides. Established in 2012, Marylai’s designs are about portraying the perfect balance between eccentric and elegance.


Marylai was  awarded the Independent Handbag Designer Award in June 2013  for the Best Handmade Handbag, and also the American Express OPEN Rising Stars of Fashion Award in August 2013 at WWD MAGIC Market Week. After honing her skills designing handbags at Be&D, Rachel Zoe, Carlos Falchi, and Kathy Van Zeeland, she opted to launch her own handbag line that merge glamour and luxury with an ultra modern edge.

Marylai ‘s creative drive and craftmanship as an artist can be seen on each of the pieces that she creates. each bag  is made to be a reflection of herself and what her life as a New Yorker is all about.

As always tell us what you think of Marylay’s designs in the comment section.

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

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Emerging Accessories Brand: Mel Boteri

Mel Boteri handbags

When it comes to statement pieces, handbag designer Mel Boteri is all about making unique and one-of-a-kind handbags instead of mass-produced accesories that often don’t appeal to women.


Started in 2009,  Mel Boteri is the go-to luxury brand for custom and bespoke accessories when it comes to handbags. The brand is about quality, balancing tradition with innovation to create unique pieces that would last a lifetime, and offering a more personalized service to its clientele. With her handbags made of 100% Italian and Spanish leathers including the suede interior lining which has become the brand’s signature, her brand speaks to a lot of women  that are looking for designs that are an extension of their unique style and personality.

Check out the brand latest offerings and as always tell us what your thoughts are on these handbags below.

Mel Boteri handbags

Mel Boteri handbags

Mel Boteri handbags

Mel Boteri handbags

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Photos: Mel Boteri

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Emerging Designer: Jessica White for CASA de MODA

Jessica White is a fun-loving, LA based designer who ambitiously created  her own line, The CASA de MODA , that encompasses “an enhanced version, maybe even the alter ego of myself” to quote her. She indicated that she loves to travel and that is evident in the fabrics she uses, perfect for the girl on the go. We caught up with the burgeoning designer to discuss her design inspirations and how she’s managing her brand…


Who is Casa de Moda woman?

CASA de MODA style is classic with an unexpected edge. The CDM woman is a modern city girl. She is fun, ambitious, successful, loves travel, and lives life with a purpose. She works hard, plays hard, and wears CASA de MODA for her life away from the office. Wether it’s cocktails with the girls, a night out with that special someone, or a special event, she knows she’ll make a statement without looking like she tried too hard. She loves that she can pair her CASA de MODA pieces with items in her existing wardrobe to dress them up or down and making them great day to night  transition pieces. 

We love that your materials are animal friendly? Do you find that this improves the quality of the garment?

I am absolutely in love with the fabric I used on the “Acute Angle Shorts” and the “Flap Jacket”! It’s 100% Lyocell and I love the look and feel of it.  It’s similar to linen in that it’s a perfect spring fabric, however it’s extremely soft against your skin, lightweight, and drapes beautifully. Unlike Linen, it’s does not easily wrinkle.When sourcing fabrics, I was happy to see that there are some great eco-friendly options, including animal friendly leathers that don’t compromise the quality of the garment.


How are you standing out from the rest of the design world?

CASA de MODA is special in that  production runs are smaller, making my designs a little more exclusive. In addition, it is a brand you can be proud to support.  God blesses us our a talents to make a positive impact. This season, I took a small step by incorporating eco-friendly fabrics. However, as CASA de MODA continues to grow and evolve as a brand, my goal is to open the level of diversity in the fashion industry, and continue to make positive impacts along the way, it doesn’t matter how big or small.

Who are the designers that inspire you?

Back when I was in fashion school,  I did a report on Tom Ford and ever since then he was my imaginary BFF! I love his attention to detail and precision when it comes to design. When I was going through the design process, I would keep that in mind at fittings. No detail is too small, if a garment needs to be changed just a pinch….it doesn’t matter if it’s a small pinch, you change it! Olivier Rousteing  at Balmain…… need I say more. Also, the California Girl in me loves Heidi Merrick.


What tips can you offer up and coming designers when it comes to managing the financial aspects of a brand?

Plan ahead. Before you spend your first dollar, set up a system for how you will track costs & sales. Take a class,  set up an appointment with the SBA (Small Business Association), or make an appointment with an accountant to show you the most efficient way for you to set up your system.

Organization. Set aside specific times of the week to record & update your financials. Keep every business related receipt and download an app on your phone that allows you to scan your receipts for easy tracking.

Stay on budget. As a new designer you will source a lot of services such as PR, marketing, production etc. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Decide how you will break up your finances and stick to that budget as much as possible. When you first start you will be a jack of all trades.

Be Patient. Starting a fashion line is costly. There will be a lot of dead ends, but sometimes they lead to an open door.  I would say to myself… “There is a way, I just haven’t found it yet” So be patient and have faith.

Where can interested buyers find your pieces?

We are currently having a pre-sale that begins 4/1/2014 at and I have some exciting news. Sereine Magazine readers will receive free shipping on any Pre-orders they make through 4/15. Use promo code: SEREINE.

For updates on CASA de MODA, readers can follow at INSTAGRAM & Twitter: @cdmjessicalynn and FACEBOOK: Casa de Moda by jessica lynn

Thanks  to Jessica for sharing your insights and extending this offer to our readers!

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Emerging Designer: L. Catherine London

Hey guys! We had some technical difficulties last week but it’s back to our regular programming. L. Catherine London is one of our new designer features for the week and the garments for her Fall 2014 line are pretty impeccably made….


The London based, International Institute of Fashion “Polimoda'” graduate cut her teeth at the Emilio Pucci Fashion House and worked as a TV fashion journalist before launching her own line. She is all about perfect craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics that give her clothes a very polished edge.  I love her incorporation of knitted material and printed silks as it gives the pieces a cozy yet cosmopolitan feel…linked together by overt femininity. I also enjoyed the graphics she used in certain pieces that reminiscent of a serene park on a snowy day in Europe. Take a look below!

CL5  CL7







Great collection from a novice designer. What say you SM family?


Photo Credit: L.Catherine London




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Interview: Emerging Designer Caroline Hayden

Hello design mavens!
Every now again a designer comes along who strikes just the right balance between uber-feminine and very classic and as it turns out, Caroline Hayden fits that description. From flouncy tops, to flattering hemlines Caroline’s muse is a bit of a girly girl who is surefooted, focused and strong. I enjoyed that while not all of her pieces were necessarily fitted, they still managed to maintain a certain level of sensuality. The Minnesota based designer also makes custom evening and wedding gowns for her American and Canadian clients, who want that throwback to another era feel and simultaneously in need of modernity.  We touched base with Caroline to ask her a few questions regarding challenges she’s experienced, managing her brand financially and who she designs for. Check out the interview below!
Who is Caroline Hayden?
Caroline Hayden the brand is known for its modern, feminine looks. The label got its start designing custom evening and wedding gowns and now, with the inclusion of ready-to-wear, we’ve begun to consider the Caroline Hayden woman much more. Our ‘girl’ is equal parts no-nonsense and feminine, she is looking for investment pieces that she’ll love forever, and she is interested in how clothing makes her feel more than anything else. Caroline Hayden the person is a bit of a recluse. I love the fashion industry and have met a lot of wonderful people along the way but I’d take a quiet night at home with my family and dogs over a big party any day.
What are some of the biggest challenges that you have overcome as an emerging designer?
Living and working outside of the fashion bubble could be seen as a huge challenge but I see it as an opportunity. I’ve built good relationships with suppliers and factories here and abroad. Basically, I can do almost everything from my desk in Minnesota and while travel is necessary, no doubt becoming more routine as I continue to grow, I’ve been able to avoid distraction and high studio costs while growing the label at a steady pace.
What advice would you offer new designers regarding money management when launching their brand?
In the beginning, do whatever you can to learn about the design process, including internships, searching the internet for information and news on the business of fashion, designer profiles, etc. You also need to figure out who your customer is and what your costs and price point will be. Know your brand, including financial needs and goals, before jumping into an official launch.
How are you setting yourself apart from other designers?
I’ve never really looked at the fashion industry with the idea of either ‘fitting in’ or ‘standing out’. I enjoy staying up to date on both the creative and business end of fashion but, from a design perspective, I’ve always just done what feels good. Maybe that’s the secret to standing out- finding a balance of being creative and being smart with what will sell based on the current industry trends.
How can interested buyers purchase your pieces?
Send inquiries to
Can’t wait to see what she does for Fall 2014! Thank you Caroline for sharing your fashion insights with our readers!
Photo Credit: Chris Barfield
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Emerging Accessories Designer: VASKA

Today’s feature comes courtesy of Barcelona based luxury handbag brand Vaska!  Ann-Sofi Storbacka, the designer behind the brand, launched her first collection in 2012 and is one of the 2014 winners of the Future of Fashion Program by Not Just a Label and Who’s Next Trade Show in Europe. Ann-Sofi says her creations encompass “minimalist luxury” and this is very evident from the collection. Her pieces hold a certain richness and quality, clean angular lines and shapes perfect for that millennial on the go!

About Vaska

The brand Väska comes from the Swedish word for “bag” and is influenced by the Fenno-Swedish origins of the designer, following a very Nordic and pure line combined with a Mediterranean touch. The goal was to create a sustainable line of bags offering unique and contemporary interpretations of timeless styles with a high sense of effortless elegance and quality.


About the collection: 

Aura is the first step towards a more refined and luxurious collection of minimalistic leather bags. The highlight of the collection is the introduction of sumptuous Nubuck with a soft and velvety texture, exclusively fabricated for Väska. Inspired by the fascinating geometric shapes of Origami, each bag consists of a single piece of leather folded into a unique and functional box structure. No stitching – only invisible brass hardware was used in the construction process, resulting in an innovative and timelessly elegant appeal. The pure and harmonious color scheme creates a perfect palette for summer and all year round.


We caught up with Ann-Sofi to shed some light on who she designs for, her inspirations and more…check out the interview below!

Who is the VASKA woman?

Väska leather bags are made for a modern woman with effortless elegance and sophistication. Like Väska, they are mysterious and fragile, but at the same time strong and independent. A Väska woman is also design-conscious and appreciates uniqueness, quality and timeless beauty.

Can you give us more information into the type of leather that you use?

All the bags are handmade, made of natural, vegetable-tanned leather of highest quality from Spain. Being vegetable tanned, the leather does not contain any harmful chemicals, which could potentially damage our environment. This kind of leather is very long-lasting and supple to touch, and it molds to any shape and gets even prettier with regular use and sunlight. In the latest AURA collection, I have introduced a new sustainable and luxurious material: Nubuck leather with a soft and velvety texture, exclusively fabricated for Väska.

We see the brand is inspired by Swedish design. How is this silhouette different from other types of design?

The combination of this Nordic simplicity and Mediterranean chic is what makes the brand unique. Apart from minimalistic designs and skilled craftsmanship, there are no stitches and each creation is folded from a single piece of leather into a unique and functional box structure with an innovative and timelessly elegant appeal.


Owning a business can be daunting. Do you have any advice for up and coming designers who are trying to strike a financial balance in managing their business?

Take one step at a time and have patience – it takes a while to get there. Also, stay true to yourself and follow your intuition – don’t forget what makes you unique and never let someone or something distract you. As a new designer, try to develop your skills as much as possible, gaining experience where you can and don’t be afraid to take risks. Start with the business online and then make it grow worldwide.


The collection is fairly new. Have you always been designing or did you switch careers?

I am multifaceted with a range of artistic interests and a diverse career background from languages and tourism to marketing, fashion and aviation. Even if I haven’t always been designing, all these experiences have helped me to get where I am now.

Please check out her website for more great pieces from handbags to cellphone and iPad cases. Special thanks to Ann-Sofi for sharing her brand with us! And don’t forget to like SM on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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PFW Event: Fred Marzo Boutique Opening Paris Fall/Winter 14/15 Collection

Fred Marzo Boutique Paris

This week, I had the pleasure to attend the Fred Marzo ‘s boutique opening in Paris. What I like about boutique openings is that you get not only to see the apparel and accessories closer but you get to meet in person the designer behind the brand and hear him talk abou the process behind each shoe and bags.


Frederick Foubet Marzorati aka Fred Marzo has gained solid experience working with Stephane Kelian, Christian Louboutin and Catherine Sartore owning and perfecting his skills as a shoemaker for the last three years creating collections for three of the big names in the shoe industry.

Inspiration: Vintage reworked, with a clever mix of elegance, the contemporary and sophistication. Creating shoes with a total shift in paradigm that has led to the quality, rarity and attention he devotes to the creation of his pieces.

With that said, for his fall /winter 14/15 collection the designer wanted to use soft fabric, fur with calfskin treated like foal leather, dipped lambskin and python with warm and refine tones that give each shoe a seductive, subtle,  delicate and luxury feel that invite women to not only wear his shoes but to do it with pleasure and confidence. Take a look at his fall/winter 14/15 collection below that also includes clutches. As always tell us your thoughts below.

Fred Marzo 2 Fred Marzo 12

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo 3

Fred Marzo 2

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Special thanks to Marzo’s team for reaching out to us. Support emerging designers.

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Emerging Handbag Designer: Leyla Yucel


Today’s Emerging Designer feature comes courtesy of Leyla Yucel of Leyla Yucel Handbags. We love that her bags are not only intricately designed but functional for everyday use. We caught up with the young artisan to talk inspiration, money management and the woman she designs for ….


Leyla Yucel, the second of three children born to Turkish and Puerto Rican emigrants, was born in Brooklyn, NY, where she currently lives and works. She has worked in the design rooms of such brands as Kate Spade and Charlotte Ronson, in both creative and technical design roles.  In her own words, “As a designer, I think it’s very important to have a solid technical foundation.” Indeed, part of her preference for designing handbags over apparel is to have the freedom to utilize her extensive technical skills: “Bags are very sculptural and permit a lot of room for creativity but creating a structurally sound bag required extensive technical knowledge, which is a challenge I enjoy”.



Leyla Yucel takes pride in always having drawn inspiration from disparate sources: Art highbrowed and low, classical and contemporary; Turkish tiles and Italian Futurism; science fiction and science fact.  She neither labels nor discriminates, nor harbors preconceived notions but, rather, takes on their own merit and terms those things that speak to her.  To quote English painter John Constable: ““There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, — light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful.” For the styling of her bags – the details and the mood she wanted them to evoke – she took cues from Twin Peaks. Her selection of burgundy microsuede lining for the interior of the bags, the Chevroned wings on her Palmer bag, and even the styling of her campaign photo shoot all reference the final episode’s strong, surreal imagery and styling — the red velvet curtain, the hypnotic chevron floor, as well as the film noir, femme fatale look of the character, Audrey Horne.


We love your pieces! What inspired you to pursue handbag/accessory design?

Thank you! I’ve found that my design process and my aesthetic lends itself well to handbags. I like how sculptural bags can be, and how much design can go into a single bag. There are many components to design – the structure, the hardware, the straps, the interior, and so forth. Also, there are a lot of technical and creative aspects to consider when designing a handbag, which I really like.

The fashion world is a very crowded place, everyone wants to be a designer! How are you setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack?

I hope that I’m setting myself apart by designing from a unique perspective: My references and inspirations tend to be unusual and eclectic varying from film and music by David Lynch to the science fiction by Philip K. Dick. I hope the resulting designs and projected style translates into a brand that is unique and desirable.

Managing a fashion brand can be daunting especially when it comes to the financial aspects. What advice can you offer up and coming designers regarding the business of fashion?

It is definitely difficult. I work for another designer full-time, which is how I’m financing my collection at the moment. For me, having a lot of technical skills and knowing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has saved me a lot of money. If you are looking to save money, you really have to do a lot of it yourself. However, you also have to know what you can do yourself and what you need to pay others to do–if you don’t have the skill, it is better to pay someone else that can do it properly.

Leyla - building the  photo set

Who is the Leyla Yucel woman ?

She has a modern look and is curious, cultured and a bit edgy. She loves design and fashion and is in constant pursuit of the covetable (fashion’s favorite word).

How can interested buyers purchase your pieces?

Good question! 🙂 My bags will be available to purchase at retail in Fall 2014. If you’re an interested wholesale buyer, please do e-mail me at

Leyla’s eponymous collection of designer handbags will make its debut during the Fall/Winter 2014 season. MSRP $568-$1012.

Thank you to Leyla and her team for helping to bring this feature together! As always, share you thoughts below on this designer and don’t forget to follow Sereine Magazine via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Photographer: Erika Hokanson

Model: Natalie Herzig

Makeup & Hair: Teresa Brown

Stylist: Ashley Palmer


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Emerging Accessories Brand: Mermy From France

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy is a young French accessories brand created by Philippe Mermi a graduate of the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. After working behind the scenes as a photo editor for a well-know publishing company, Mermi’s interest in history, lifestyle, fashion and luxury inspired him to launch a line of luxury silk scarves. His Collection features different lines of silk scarves, fabricated and hand finished by traditional silk artisans in Lyon ( a city located in east-central France) that promotes the authenticity and savoir-faire of  highly talented craftsmen/women. Take a look below at their spring/summer 14 collection below.

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

At any rate, tell us what you think of Mermy ‘s collection below. As always follow Sereine Magazine on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Accessories: Anjli London

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Looking for something sparkly and of the luxurious kind to add some wow factor  to your wardrobe? London-based accessories label Anjli is all about creating exquisite accessories for  ‘Casual Chic’ & ‘Evening Extravaganzas’events. Created in 2005 by ANJLIprofile people such as First Lady Michelle Obama who has been spotted carrying  oneof thei clutch bags from the  ANJLI LONDON’s Patriotic Chic collectionWear range.

Male supermodel  Andrej Pejic  has also been spotted carrying a Royal Britannia “Flag Bag” also from the ANJLI LONDON’s Patriotic Chic collection. Each Anjli London creation is fully and individually hand-crafted with quality, finish, packaging and exquisitely designed to offer one of a kind pieces. Take a look at some of their offerings for spring/summer 14.


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

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