Emerging Designer To Watch During New York Fashion Week: Stella Maze to Debut Footwear Collection with Michael Costello


Her name may not tell you anything but soon people will be talking about Stella Maze.  At 5 pm Eastern time, she is set to debut her footwear collection “Stella Hues”  in collaboration with celebrity fashion designer Michael Costello during his spring/summer 15 runway show at Lincoln Center.


An accessory visionary and luxury footwear designer from the British Virgin Islands and the face behind Stella Hues.  After launching her brand a less than a year ago, the budding designer’s shoes are uniquely crafted utilizing the finest materials from Italy. Fashionably known as the “Blue Bottoms”, the collection guarantees high-end design, exceptional quality and extraordinary comfort. For more info on Maze’s work check out her signature blue soles at

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Special thanks to Jade for bringing our attention onto Stella Maze’s work.

Photo credit: Stella Hues

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Emerging Accessory Brand: Wild Flower Cases



Today’s emerging brand Wild Flower Cases comes out of Los Angeles, California.


Launched in 2013 by founder and creator, Michelle Carlson, Wild Flower was created by Carlson to fill in her need of phone cases that were edgy, cool, creative and that reflected her style.  With lots of creative exploration, she found a way to make iPhone covers with the most unique and limited fabric designs when she does not design them herself. Check out some of the brand’s hottest cases below.









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Photos:Wild Flower

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Emerging Brand:Drapes by Ashley Scott

wrath website2

Today’s emerging designer feature comes courtesy of Ashley Scott, the face behind  the accessories brand Drapes by Ashley Scott.


Founded in 2008, the emerging label embodies the beauty in imperfection.  It is about experimenting with movements, tassels, dip dying, ripping, sculpting, painting, melting and  burning  to create original pieces. Scott’s inspiration comes from classic and modern art and all or her pieces reflect her love for art and design. Her current collection  entitled” Wrath” was designed for men that want to express themselves in a bold and original fashion although Scott designs pieces for women as well. From the pages of Elle Magazine, Refinery 29 and other fashion publication, Scott’s designs has helped her make a name for herself as one of Chicago’s rising accessories designers.

Check out her 2014  collection below and tell us what you think of Scott’s designs.

wrath press 2

wrath website




Interested in getting your hand on one of her pieces, contact Ashley Scott directly by emailing her at 

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Emerging Designer: Marylai of Marylai New York

Marylai's Handbag

Our first feature of the week takes us to New York City where luxury handbag designer Marylai of Marylai New York resides. Established in 2012, Marylai’s designs are about portraying the perfect balance between eccentric and elegance.


Marylai was  awarded the Independent Handbag Designer Award in June 2013  for the Best Handmade Handbag, and also the American Express OPEN Rising Stars of Fashion Award in August 2013 at WWD MAGIC Market Week. After honing her skills designing handbags at Be&D, Rachel Zoe, Carlos Falchi, and Kathy Van Zeeland, she opted to launch her own handbag line that merge glamour and luxury with an ultra modern edge.

Marylai ‘s creative drive and craftmanship as an artist can be seen on each of the pieces that she creates. each bag  is made to be a reflection of herself and what her life as a New Yorker is all about.

As always tell us what you think of Marylay’s designs in the comment section.

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

Marylai's Handbag

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Emerging Accessories Brand: Mel Boteri

Mel Boteri handbags

When it comes to statement pieces, handbag designer Mel Boteri is all about making unique and one-of-a-kind handbags instead of mass-produced accesories that often don’t appeal to women.


Started in 2009,  Mel Boteri is the go-to luxury brand for custom and bespoke accessories when it comes to handbags. The brand is about quality, balancing tradition with innovation to create unique pieces that would last a lifetime, and offering a more personalized service to its clientele. With her handbags made of 100% Italian and Spanish leathers including the suede interior lining which has become the brand’s signature, her brand speaks to a lot of women  that are looking for designs that are an extension of their unique style and personality.

Check out the brand latest offerings and as always tell us what your thoughts are on these handbags below.

Mel Boteri handbags

Mel Boteri handbags

Mel Boteri handbags

Mel Boteri handbags

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Photos: Mel Boteri

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Emerging Accessories Designer: VASKA

Today’s feature comes courtesy of Barcelona based luxury handbag brand Vaska!  Ann-Sofi Storbacka, the designer behind the brand, launched her first collection in 2012 and is one of the 2014 winners of the Future of Fashion Program by Not Just a Label and Who’s Next Trade Show in Europe. Ann-Sofi says her creations encompass “minimalist luxury” and this is very evident from the collection. Her pieces hold a certain richness and quality, clean angular lines and shapes perfect for that millennial on the go!

About Vaska

The brand Väska comes from the Swedish word for “bag” and is influenced by the Fenno-Swedish origins of the designer, following a very Nordic and pure line combined with a Mediterranean touch. The goal was to create a sustainable line of bags offering unique and contemporary interpretations of timeless styles with a high sense of effortless elegance and quality.


About the collection: 

Aura is the first step towards a more refined and luxurious collection of minimalistic leather bags. The highlight of the collection is the introduction of sumptuous Nubuck with a soft and velvety texture, exclusively fabricated for Väska. Inspired by the fascinating geometric shapes of Origami, each bag consists of a single piece of leather folded into a unique and functional box structure. No stitching – only invisible brass hardware was used in the construction process, resulting in an innovative and timelessly elegant appeal. The pure and harmonious color scheme creates a perfect palette for summer and all year round.


We caught up with Ann-Sofi to shed some light on who she designs for, her inspirations and more…check out the interview below!

Who is the VASKA woman?

Väska leather bags are made for a modern woman with effortless elegance and sophistication. Like Väska, they are mysterious and fragile, but at the same time strong and independent. A Väska woman is also design-conscious and appreciates uniqueness, quality and timeless beauty.

Can you give us more information into the type of leather that you use?

All the bags are handmade, made of natural, vegetable-tanned leather of highest quality from Spain. Being vegetable tanned, the leather does not contain any harmful chemicals, which could potentially damage our environment. This kind of leather is very long-lasting and supple to touch, and it molds to any shape and gets even prettier with regular use and sunlight. In the latest AURA collection, I have introduced a new sustainable and luxurious material: Nubuck leather with a soft and velvety texture, exclusively fabricated for Väska.

We see the brand is inspired by Swedish design. How is this silhouette different from other types of design?

The combination of this Nordic simplicity and Mediterranean chic is what makes the brand unique. Apart from minimalistic designs and skilled craftsmanship, there are no stitches and each creation is folded from a single piece of leather into a unique and functional box structure with an innovative and timelessly elegant appeal.


Owning a business can be daunting. Do you have any advice for up and coming designers who are trying to strike a financial balance in managing their business?

Take one step at a time and have patience – it takes a while to get there. Also, stay true to yourself and follow your intuition – don’t forget what makes you unique and never let someone or something distract you. As a new designer, try to develop your skills as much as possible, gaining experience where you can and don’t be afraid to take risks. Start with the business online and then make it grow worldwide.


The collection is fairly new. Have you always been designing or did you switch careers?

I am multifaceted with a range of artistic interests and a diverse career background from languages and tourism to marketing, fashion and aviation. Even if I haven’t always been designing, all these experiences have helped me to get where I am now.

Please check out her website for more great pieces from handbags to cellphone and iPad cases. Special thanks to Ann-Sofi for sharing her brand with us! And don’t forget to like SM on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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PFW Event: Fred Marzo Boutique Opening Paris Fall/Winter 14/15 Collection

Fred Marzo Boutique Paris

This week, I had the pleasure to attend the Fred Marzo ‘s boutique opening in Paris. What I like about boutique openings is that you get not only to see the apparel and accessories closer but you get to meet in person the designer behind the brand and hear him talk abou the process behind each shoe and bags.


Frederick Foubet Marzorati aka Fred Marzo has gained solid experience working with Stephane Kelian, Christian Louboutin and Catherine Sartore owning and perfecting his skills as a shoemaker for the last three years creating collections for three of the big names in the shoe industry.

Inspiration: Vintage reworked, with a clever mix of elegance, the contemporary and sophistication. Creating shoes with a total shift in paradigm that has led to the quality, rarity and attention he devotes to the creation of his pieces.

With that said, for his fall /winter 14/15 collection the designer wanted to use soft fabric, fur with calfskin treated like foal leather, dipped lambskin and python with warm and refine tones that give each shoe a seductive, subtle,  delicate and luxury feel that invite women to not only wear his shoes but to do it with pleasure and confidence. Take a look at his fall/winter 14/15 collection below that also includes clutches. As always tell us your thoughts below.

Fred Marzo 2 Fred Marzo 12

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo

Fred Marzo 3

Fred Marzo 2

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Special thanks to Marzo’s team for reaching out to us. Support emerging designers.

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Emerging Handbag Designer: Leyla Yucel


Today’s Emerging Designer feature comes courtesy of Leyla Yucel of Leyla Yucel Handbags. We love that her bags are not only intricately designed but functional for everyday use. We caught up with the young artisan to talk inspiration, money management and the woman she designs for ….


Leyla Yucel, the second of three children born to Turkish and Puerto Rican emigrants, was born in Brooklyn, NY, where she currently lives and works. She has worked in the design rooms of such brands as Kate Spade and Charlotte Ronson, in both creative and technical design roles.  In her own words, “As a designer, I think it’s very important to have a solid technical foundation.” Indeed, part of her preference for designing handbags over apparel is to have the freedom to utilize her extensive technical skills: “Bags are very sculptural and permit a lot of room for creativity but creating a structurally sound bag required extensive technical knowledge, which is a challenge I enjoy”.



Leyla Yucel takes pride in always having drawn inspiration from disparate sources: Art highbrowed and low, classical and contemporary; Turkish tiles and Italian Futurism; science fiction and science fact.  She neither labels nor discriminates, nor harbors preconceived notions but, rather, takes on their own merit and terms those things that speak to her.  To quote English painter John Constable: ““There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, — light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful.” For the styling of her bags – the details and the mood she wanted them to evoke – she took cues from Twin Peaks. Her selection of burgundy microsuede lining for the interior of the bags, the Chevroned wings on her Palmer bag, and even the styling of her campaign photo shoot all reference the final episode’s strong, surreal imagery and styling — the red velvet curtain, the hypnotic chevron floor, as well as the film noir, femme fatale look of the character, Audrey Horne.


We love your pieces! What inspired you to pursue handbag/accessory design?

Thank you! I’ve found that my design process and my aesthetic lends itself well to handbags. I like how sculptural bags can be, and how much design can go into a single bag. There are many components to design – the structure, the hardware, the straps, the interior, and so forth. Also, there are a lot of technical and creative aspects to consider when designing a handbag, which I really like.

The fashion world is a very crowded place, everyone wants to be a designer! How are you setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack?

I hope that I’m setting myself apart by designing from a unique perspective: My references and inspirations tend to be unusual and eclectic varying from film and music by David Lynch to the science fiction by Philip K. Dick. I hope the resulting designs and projected style translates into a brand that is unique and desirable.

Managing a fashion brand can be daunting especially when it comes to the financial aspects. What advice can you offer up and coming designers regarding the business of fashion?

It is definitely difficult. I work for another designer full-time, which is how I’m financing my collection at the moment. For me, having a lot of technical skills and knowing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has saved me a lot of money. If you are looking to save money, you really have to do a lot of it yourself. However, you also have to know what you can do yourself and what you need to pay others to do–if you don’t have the skill, it is better to pay someone else that can do it properly.

Leyla - building the  photo set

Who is the Leyla Yucel woman ?

She has a modern look and is curious, cultured and a bit edgy. She loves design and fashion and is in constant pursuit of the covetable (fashion’s favorite word).

How can interested buyers purchase your pieces?

Good question! 🙂 My bags will be available to purchase at retail in Fall 2014. If you’re an interested wholesale buyer, please do e-mail me at

Leyla’s eponymous collection of designer handbags will make its debut during the Fall/Winter 2014 season. MSRP $568-$1012.

Thank you to Leyla and her team for helping to bring this feature together! As always, share you thoughts below on this designer and don’t forget to follow Sereine Magazine via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Photographer: Erika Hokanson

Model: Natalie Herzig

Makeup & Hair: Teresa Brown

Stylist: Ashley Palmer


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Emerging Accessories Brand: Mermy From France

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy is a young French accessories brand created by Philippe Mermi a graduate of the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. After working behind the scenes as a photo editor for a well-know publishing company, Mermi’s interest in history, lifestyle, fashion and luxury inspired him to launch a line of luxury silk scarves. His Collection features different lines of silk scarves, fabricated and hand finished by traditional silk artisans in Lyon ( a city located in east-central France) that promotes the authenticity and savoir-faire of  highly talented craftsmen/women. Take a look below at their spring/summer 14 collection below.

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Mermy Spring/Summer 14 Collection

At any rate, tell us what you think of Mermy ‘s collection below. As always follow Sereine Magazine on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Accessories: Anjli London

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Looking for something sparkly and of the luxurious kind to add some wow factor  to your wardrobe? London-based accessories label Anjli is all about creating exquisite accessories for  ‘Casual Chic’ & ‘Evening Extravaganzas’events. Created in 2005 by ANJLIprofile people such as First Lady Michelle Obama who has been spotted carrying  oneof thei clutch bags from the  ANJLI LONDON’s Patriotic Chic collectionWear range.

Male supermodel  Andrej Pejic  has also been spotted carrying a Royal Britannia “Flag Bag” also from the ANJLI LONDON’s Patriotic Chic collection. Each Anjli London creation is fully and individually hand-crafted with quality, finish, packaging and exquisitely designed to offer one of a kind pieces. Take a look at some of their offerings for spring/summer 14.


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Anjli Spring/Summer 14 Collection

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Emerging Designer Yoli Rapp and a Mobile Boutique

Yoli Rapp

When Yoli Rapp first thought of leaving corporate America, she never imagined owning a fashion boutique on wheels. But her growing dissatisfaction for the nine-to-five lifestyle soon became too intense to ignore. As a vendor at the Green Flea Market on the weekends, she began to listen to her own customers’ feedback and soon realized there was a missing opportunity in the mobile fashion truck market – one that sold new and used designer clothing, from Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent. She decided to give her vision a go in 2012 and created Le Fashion Coupe, a high-end mobile shopping experience. Operating Le Fashion Coupe and talking with real women, provided Yoli with insight into how they wanted to be styled. She began working on silhouettes full-time for her own designer line, Yoli Rapp, which launched in late 2013. The Yoli Rapp Collection is for the every woman – the mom, the executive, and the student looking for comfortable, sexy pieces that transition easily from day to night. They want to make our customer feel special by delivering looks that are simple and elegant but reasonable. Along with the Bohemian Luxe apparel collection is the Alma Di Piedra Collection, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry made of leather and semi-precious stones.


Who is Yoli Rapp?

Yoli Rapp is the “typical” New Yorker – unfiltered, outspoken and passionate. She prides herself on being loyal and honest. That attitude is what, for the most part, helped Yoli obtain a loyal clientele. If something is not flattering, she will address it immediately. “If a customer purchases something from me that doesn’t look good on them, I feel it is my obligation to tell them and explain why. It’s not about making a quick sale. It’s about establishing a long-term relationship”.


Can you tell us more about the collections?

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection was inspired primarily by the feedback I received from my boutique customers. Most lead hectic lives and were all in search of staple pieces, comfort, versatility and flattering silhouettes. The color palette was inspired by sand and sea. There are 3 fabric choices – super soft jersey, non-itchy metallic and silk. I purposely veered away from too many prints. Most women want solid colors, which they can mix and match with their existing accessories. The fit is what is the most important to me. When a woman wears Yoli Rapp, I want her to feel comfortable and sexy!


image_4[1](This look is my personal fav!)

I think your mobile boutique “Le Fashion Coupe” is such a fresh idea! Tell us more….

I was on a plane on my way to Chicago, when I came across a magazine that had an article about fashion trucks. At that time, my mother and I were working at a fantastic Flea Market on the weekends selling new and designer resale clothing. I recall thinking, “As soon as I get off this plane I’m calling my husband. I’m getting a truck!” Within a week, I purchased a truck and Le Fashion Coupe was on the road! It was an amazing experience for me.

How do you go about collecting designer pieces for your customers?

My boutique on wheels was the first to house curated items from Chanel, Gucci, YSL and Proenza Schouler to Rag & Bone. My customers ranged from 20-60 years old. I gained so much knowledge. I learned what silhouettes they preferred and why. I would watch to see what colors they were drawn to. Le Fashion Coupe was the platform I needed to venture out and start my own collection. The experience was priceless!


As we know, fashion is often times 60% business and 40% actual fashion. Do you have any financial advice that has served you well in managing your brand that you can share with new designers?

Starting your own line can be very expensive….and lonely. I’ve made so many costly mistakes along the way. If I could turn back time I would do many things differently. My advice to new designers is “slow and steady wins the race.” First, purchase a book about starting a fashion business. This is your reference guide. A $30 investment goes a long way vs. hiring a consultant for $500 (or more!) just to have them tell you exactly the same thing. We sometimes become so enamored with fashion itself that we don’t think about the business side. Artists like to create, but at the end of the day, it’s still a business. Once you make your decision to move forward then you need to be frugal. Think about your customers’ lifestyle. This will eventually become instrumental; not only in your designs, but in your branding as well. Visit a few department stores to get a better understanding of who your competition is and what their price points are. Before you decide to buy even one piece of thread, make sure that the fabrics you choose have continuity. No sense in buying a fabric you are in love with to later find out that you can’t get more then 50 yards. Read as much as you can about manufacturing. Some may not agree with me, but I think fashion shows, when jumped into prematurely, are a waste of time and money. I would start small – allocate the dollars towards the samples, patterns, photo shoots, website development, social media, marketing and copy. Do a few trunk shows, markets and street fairs with minimal inventory. Pay close attention to how shoppers respond to your collection. Their feedback will help you edit your collections and build your confidence. Remember, negative feedback is not negative! When you eventually venture out and meet with boutique owners, equip them with as many selling points as possible. For example, my Dolman Sleeve Shift Dress covers the midriff, thighs and arms. Women are often searching for tops that cover these problem areas. It can be worn with heels, boots or sandals. Pair with simple accessories for a look that’s office-appropriate or with bold accessories for a glam, evening look. Grab some of the accessories they sell in the store  and show them how beautifully they can pair them with your pieces. They will love and appreciate the advice.


Great advice! The world of design can be a very crowded place. How are you setting yourself apart from other emerging designers?

The world of design can be a crowded space, but there is truly something for everyone. I’m trying to pave the way with pieces that I believe women will wear and want in different colors and fabrics. I have a checklist that I created for each design based on customer feedback. If a design doesn’t meet the criteria, it needs to be scratched from the collection. For example, a silhouette can look absolutely beautiful in a size small, but would never work in a large. That needs to be scratched then because down the road, this may need to be sold in a pre-pack and a boutique owner is not going to want to get stuck with a surplus of inventory. I would have never known this if I wasn’t on the retail side. What I think sets me apart from other emerging designers is that my collection is primarily driven NOT by design, but by what’s going to really sell. If retailers see that your line is moving, they will purchase from you season after season.  Building long-term relationships are key.

How can interested buyers contact you?

Interested buyers can visit my website at: or call the Los Angeles Blackout Showroom at 213.624.2477 to schedule an appointment to view the collection.

Thank you so much Yoli for sharing so many gems with our readers! Very special thanks to Beth for facilitating this introduction.

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Emerging Accessory Designer: Dina Khalifé From Saudi Arabia

 Dina Khalifé

Another amazing emerging designer that is doing her thing is Dina Khalifé, the talented Madrid/Beirut-based designer. After launching her first collection in 2011 consisting mainly of scarves, she also expanded her brand by adding a line that includes silk shirts and jewelry items.

Dina Khalifé Designs

Dina Khalifé Designs

Heavily inspired by her upbringing in Jeddah, her surroundings, drawings,   the sea and the sun, her work is all about giving life to her own interpretations of these natural elements of life.

Dina Khalifé Designs

At any rate, tell us what you think of Dina Khalifé’s designs in the comment section below.

Photos: Dina Khalifé website

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Emerging Handbags Designer: Sofia Al Asfoor From Bahrain


Sofia Asfoor

Known for creating modern handbags inspired by her Arabian roots, Bahraini fashion designer Sofia Al Asfoor turned her signature geometric designs into a line of luxurious Shield handbags made of calf leather lined with lamb skin, ostrich and crocodile.

Sofia Al Asfoor Handbags

Sofia Al Asfoor Handbags

At any rate what do you guys think of her bags? Aren’t they are gorgeous!

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Photo credit Sofia Al Asfoor Facebook page

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Shoe Label: Ellips

by Quentin Caffier

To start off the week, let me introduce or re-introduce you to shoe label Ellips. Founded in 2009 by two friends Priscille Demanche and Xavier Porot, Ellips is all about offering stylish, comfortable and flexibility for everyday and special events. Check out their city and wedding fall/winter 2013-14 collection below and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

City Collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Wedding collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Ellips Fall/winter 2013-14 Collection

Fore more info on Ellips, click here.

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Emerging Designer Resources: Lili Shopping Concept Store

Lili Shopping Concept Store

Are you an established or up-and-coming accessory designer looking for ways to get your brand known to the masses? Lili Shopping Concept Store based in France has been created with the goal to introduce young designers to the general public by selling their collections on their website. If you are interested and would like to know more about how Lili Shopping can help you take your brand to the next level contact them for more info here.

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