Introducing Luevo: A Platform for Emerging Designers and Fashionistas


Are you an emerging designer/brand in search of new ways to get your collection to the masses? In celebration of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, I would like to introduce you to Luevo, the place where emerging designers can sell their collection and consumers pre-order unique fashion straight off the runway.


A pre-ordering online platform that showcases pieces from designers including emerging ones. Founded by Ana Caracaleanu and Mihnea Stoian,  this Canadian Start up  is about helping fashion brands as soon as they get market recognition through fashion week events to start manufacturing their collection.

For the first time, Luevo has partnered with fashion weeks across the U.S so that fashion fanatics get the exclusive privilege to reserve their favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2015 collections fresh off the runway.  All you have to do is to sign-up to be the first to access exclusive collections, capsules and showroom looks to get  your favorite pieces before anyone else.

If you are an emerging designer interested in how Luevo can help you take your brand to the next level, contact them here.

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Photo: Luevo Pinterest


Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014 First Edition

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014  First Edition

This past weekend,  Amsterdam in the Netherlands was the place to be for many emerging designers. Although, we did not physically cover the event, we were glad to be contacted by the organizers and to get the rundown on the work they do to promote emerging talents.

A few info on Amsterdam Fashion Week and its aim.

AFWA was founded by Diana Tambe, a young designer from Africa known for her red carpet clothing line Black Pearl’s Secret. Due to a need for a platform doing justice to African and African inspired fashion, culture and art in the Netherlands, she founded AFWA.

A unique three-day event organized on an annual basis in the capital city of the Netherlands.  AFWA 2014 aims to emphasize the influence and contribution of African fashion designers in today’s international fashion scene. Never before has this city witnessed such a big multicultural fashion event before.

Africans as well as African inspired designers from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe presented their collections to an international audience in Amsterdam. This year 20 designers were invited to present their collections through inspiring fashion shows, in order to titillate the fashion loving audience.

For more info on how you can sign up for their next event or attend as a fashion blogger or journalist. Visit their webpage here.

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Interview: Kenya Jametta Founder/ CEO of LA Emerging Designers and Tokio Fever

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

We starting off this week with Kenya Jametta,  the founder/CEO of  LA Emerging Designers and the head designer behind her own fashion label Tokio Fever. Kenya James is an accomplished woman and her work is one of the reasons why I wanted to highlight her endeavors: showcasing the work of  emerging designers onto the LA fashion scene and to the world of fashion. I had the honor to ask her a few questions  that any aspiring designers or brands need to know to take their business to the next level.

SM. Hi Kenya, can you tell us about the LA Emerging Designers and how the idea came about to launch it?

KJ-LAED came about quite unexpected actually. With me being a new comer to LA, as well as an emerging self-taught Fashion Designer, I had no idea where to begin as far as showcasing my designs. First, I did some research on presenting my collection as an emerging designer with some of LA’s premier and most popular Fashion Week venues, and found them to be way out of my budget range as an emerging designer. Secondly, I knew that presenting my collection for the first time, in a new place, and where I was unknown, could mean a huge possibility that the showcase would be unsuccessful. Then I began to think bigger…. “Why not produce a showcase during LA Fashion Week that showcases ONLY Emerging Designers and Artists. And so I did.

SM. In trying to establish the LA Emerging Designers, how were you able to get sponsors to work with you and secure funds for it?

KJ – This was a huge challenge. As LAED was new, and had no financial backing, I first looked to build a team around me for additional support. I was able to find two individuals that totally backed my vision and shared the same interests in highlighting unknown talent, who were both from the LA area. My team consisted of myself, my publicist Ms.JGray of Image is Everything PR and Zella of Zella Blogs. With them having already established relationships with many emerging designers, bloggers, media and possible sponsors and supporters, they completed most of the footwork. The two of them were able to secure sponsors willing to donate product in which many of them were used as gift bag sponsors. I was able to secure a venue at a minimal cost, which allowed me the ability to offer showcasing with us very affordable to truly Emerging Designers. I am hoping that this year we will be able to secure an event larger venue, as well as securing additional sponsors.

SM.Most designers, especially emerging ones expect some big returns when they sign up for any fashion related events. At the beginning stages, how were you able to find these designers and convince them to work with you?

KJ -This is very true. First, I stuck to searching for true emerging talent. This meant fresh new designers, willing to invest in building their own brand. Majority of the designers that we worked with last year were establishing their brands and wanting to present a collection, maybe even their first go around. While some emerging designers are expecting some sort of recognition on a large-scale, most emerging designers just want their work and talents to be seen, recognized and acknowledged…. and those where the designers that I wanted to work with. My team and I utilized social media, as well as the LEAD website in order to promote and recruit, and surprisingly they found us!

SM. An event cannot be complete without media coverage. How were you as well able at the beginning stages to convince them to work with you?

KJ  Finding media outlets can be challenging, however our Public Relations Coordinator was able to secure media outlets that wanted to view fresh designers. We were able to secure a host of respectable bloggers, photographers, fashion writers, local radio stations, boutiques, socialites and tastemakers of fashion to attend the show and interview the designers, as well as cover red carpet.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. What would you say were the biggest challenges that you faced along the way? 

KJ- The biggest challenges were initially securing media, and managing and maintaining the actual budgeting for the production. We needed to be sure that everything was planned accordingly and was feasible in order to keep costs low for the designers as well as LA Emerging Designers.

SM. What would you say was your biggest accomplishment so far?

KJ- I would have to say my biggest accomplishment was successfully completing the production, while staying true to what I intended LAED to be. A full runway production showcasing only raw emerging designers and artists.

SM. Why should any emerging designers work with you?

KJ- Well, for starters we have built a strong foundation and network for the emerging designers that have worked with us. We take value in creating an online presence as well as promoting and working with our designers year round. Most importantly, we offer a valuable platform that highlights emerging designers during LA Fashion Week at a cost efficient affordable price to emerging designers.

SM. What criteria do emerging designers need to meet in order to work with you?

KJ- We have a very specific process in which we select designers that we would like to showcase with us. First, a designer must complete and submit a full application along with recent photos of their work. All applications are submitted directly to me, and I review each application with a fine eye. I look for detail oriented designers with a strong point of view, construction is extremely important, as well as the ability to produce a complete cohesive collection for viewing.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. LA Fashion Week is a great platform for designers to showcase their work; can you tell us how the collaboration between you and them started?

KJ– Well LA has a pretty diverse and free-flowing market. There are a variety of LA Fashion Week show productions and producers that showcase throughout the weeks of LAFW both March and October. We look forward to possibly partnering up with one of the larger production venues in the near future.

SM. By that I mean how did the LA emerging designers showcase come about during LA Fashion Week?

KJ- While formulating my plans for this showcase, I wanted to keep in mind creating a significant platform for emerging designers. I thought “What better opportunity than to showcase during LA Fashion Week?” I selected a date and began planning.

SM. My blog is about showcasing emerging designers and letting them know about the resources available to them. Where can emerging designers get the help they need to get their line off the ground?

KJ- Research, research, and more research! An emerging designer can always benefit from beefing up on and utilizing some really great online resources for emerging fashion designers, such as www.startupfashion.com and www.thefashionpotential.com. In addition, learning the process of production, sales and merchandising is extremely important for every designer and entrepreneur to know. As the Founder of LA Emerging Designers, I wanted to create a platform that made LA a place that embraces emerging designers and artists. We partner with emerging designers who desire to build and broaden their establishing brands. Our premium services offer affordable studio design & meeting space, in addition to premium services that will allow designers to serve their growing clientele. Our member services include: Showroom Services & access to leading Stylists, Private Showcase Production, Photo Shoot Production, Linkage to PR Services, as well as Tailored Online Services. All of which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the designer.

SM. I often hear from many of them that securing funds is one of the biggest challenges they are faced with. Do you have any advice (business wise) for them when money is an issue?

KJ- Yes. Funding is always a major concern with emerging designers. My advice would be to move at a steady, feasible pace. Knowing your financial limits, and being sure you are fully prepared to take on your journey as a designer and entrepreneur. Being prepared, planning and budgeting are extremely important.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. Besides helping emerging designers, you are also the designer behind the fashion brand Tokio Fever. Can you tell us about your latest collection and where is it available?

KJ- My latest and very first complete collection to date is entitled “Mod Meets Japan”. I was very inspired by the Mod era so I drew inspiration from Super Model Twiggy, as well as two of my favorite Japanese Designers: Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. I used that inspiration to blend the aesthetics of classical Japanese flare adding a twist of 60’s Mod era bold colors and textures. I really had fun creating this collection! You can visit www.tokiofever.com to shop the collection.

SM. Last but not least, how can anyone interested in working with you get in touch with you?

KJ- For LA Emerging Designers you can reach us by visiting www.laemergingdesigners.com or sending us an email to info@laemergingdesigners.com

For Tokio Fever inquires you can visit www.tokiofever.com or email kenyaj@tokiofever.com

Photos Tokio Fever by Nam Ngo



Resources: Wolf&Badger Retail Concept Store


Always on the search for new resources for emerging designers to take their brand to the next level, we would like to introduce or re-introduce you today to Wolf&Badger.


Wolf & Badger is a revolutionary retail concept founded in Notting Hill in 2009 by brothers Henry and George Graham. The Wolf & Badger ethos is to promote, support and retail only the most exciting independent fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design brands from the UK and beyond.

With Wolf&Badger emerging/independent designers get the opportunity to sell their goods directly to the consumers through a dedicated retail space online and in the Wolf & Badger stores in Notting Hill and/or Mayfair for a fee.

Top see how Wolf&Bbadger can help your business check out their apply page here.

Photo (London Sock Company) Wolf&Badger

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Lord&Taylor Emerging Accessory Designers Contest


Happy Monday everyone!  Listen up all of you emerging designers out there.  Retailer Lord&Taylor is on the search for accessory designers. The chosen ones (it could be you) will have their pieces sold in their stores this fall. You have until Tuesday, May 27, 2014 6PM ET to submit your masterpieces to sunny@lividini.com. The requirements are as follow:                 

•       Submit 8-10 clear jpegs of your best designs…handbags, small leather goods, jewelry, scarves (knits or woven) and hair accessories.

•       Price points at wholesale

•       Distribution: where do you sell your collection – please list all brick & mortar stores as well as online retailers. If you have your own online or store list as well.

•       Who do you feel is your target customer?

May the best win. Keep in mind if you are interested  that you have until tomorrow 6 pm Eastern time to email your work.

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Emerging Designers’ Event: Labo Ethnik Paris


If you follow this blog, you know that Sereine Magazine is all about emerging, emerging and emerging designers. We are here to showcase their work and talk about the resources available to them.

This year, I will be attending the Labo Ethnik event here in Paris. The event will take place on May 22-25, 2014 and will focus on  giving exposure to some established brands as well as many emerging fashion brands/designers. The four-day event will allow designers to get more visibility and make business connections in Paris.


The Labo Ethnik exhibition was born in 2007 when its founder, Yvette Taï-Coquillay, had the will to find fashion designers coming from the five continents to reveal them on the Parisian scene. Newcomers and more experienced designers can make the most of the event thanks to an impressive platform and a showcase in the middle of Paris.

You’re a fashion designer or an interior designer ? Your designs are innovative and original and you want to be known in Paris: it’s an unique opportunity to meet new clients, buyers, investors, journalists and fashion bloggers click here for more info.

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Photo: Afrikanlife


How To: Navigate The Business Side of The Fashion Industry

Avani Patel of Trendseeder

Last year, I interviewed for Sereine Magazine, Avani Patel of Trendseeder, a young company that aims at helping emerging designers to navigate the business side of the fashion industry.

Why some emerging designers  like Althea Harper, Bo Clothing and  Ernest Alexander chose Trendseeder? Because TrendSeeder teaches designers how to lay the perfect foundation for their brand and run a successful business.

Avani and her team support, mentor and guide emerging brands by providing a place where they can turn their attention to design while aligning themselves with smart and sustainable business resources.

Trendseeder is always on the look out for new talents. If you are an emerging designer and would like to know more about what Avani and her team can do for you click on this link.

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How To: Get an E-Commerce Site


Yesterday, I touched based on online advertising and knowing your SEO. Check the post here. Today, I would like to bring your attention to  Shopify, a website  that allows new designers to create an e-site to sell their products.

What is Shopify and what kind of services it offers?

Shopify was launched in 2006 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake to help emerging small businesses get off the ground and grow into successful companies. It was born out of the idea of taking  the hassle out of running an online store, so that merchants can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products.

If you are ready to sell your products and create your own e-site, Shopify might be what you need to get your business off the ground. All you have to do is to sign up for a fee to start taking full advantages of its services.  When you sign up, you get to:

-Choose a stylish e-commerce website design

-Easily customize your online store

– Add products,

-Accept payments

-View  incoming orders and completed transactions

You also get

-Full control over your website’s design

-State-of-the-art security

-Unlimited 24×7 toll-free support

To get more info about Shopify and see what it can do for your business click here.

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Photo: Mangion


How To: Promote Your Brand Through Online Advertising


I am not an expert but like most people, I have dreamed of starting my own business because I am tired of working for others.  I started this blog to showcase emerging designers and to give them the resources they need to bring their brand to the next level.  While I was browsing online for ways to successfully run a business,  I stumbled onto an article written by Ray owner of the fashion brand Lowdtown  for the website How to start a clothing company.  

He mentioned a few things that brands, especially emerging ones can do to get traffic and increase sales through online advertising.  The first step should be to:

1.Have a website even if you don’t plan on using it right away to prevent someone else from using the name that you have already picked out for it.

2. Get familiar with SEO Rankings which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO  helps your site to become easily searchable through sites like Google and Yahoo.  If you have a high pagerank, you will be more likely to be listed favorably, so when someone searches for a particular items like ” funky sunglasses”, there is a big chance if your brand is in the top of the search engine that someone will click on it.

I think that these tips can help any emerging designers figure out ways to help and increase their bussiness. If you want to get more tips from Ray continue reading at How to start a clothing company.  

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How To: Manage Your Cash by Fashion Designer Caroline Hayden


Pretty much everyone these days wants to be a designer but reality shows otherwise. Recently, we interviewed emerging fashion designer Caroline Hayden from Minnesota and she mentioned some very good points that any emerging designer should be aware of.

One of the things that she stressed  out  during her interview is the importance for designers to know how to manage well their money. How?She said,

“You  need to figure out who your customer is and what your costs and price point will be. Know your brand, including financial needs and goals, before jumping into an official launch.”

Sounds like some great advice for those that are ready to embrace a career as a fashion designer. Read the full interview here to see what else she has to say about her brand and the ups and down of running a business.

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Photo Caroline Hayden Twitter


How To: Before Launching A Successful Fashion Brand By Fashion Designer Marize Malan


For the past year, we have interviewed a number of emerging designers and they all seem to agree on the importance to get and learn as many skills as possible to take your fashion brand to the next level. One way to do just that is by interning.

Indeed, internships can lead to great academic and professional opportunities. We recently interviewed emerging South African fashion designer Marize Malan (below) and here’s what the designer behind fashion brand Morphé has to say on the importance of internships. “Do as many internships as you possibly can before or while you’re launching your brand,” she said.  After entering and becoming a finalist in the 2008 and 2009 Elle New talent Show competition, it opened up the door for Malan  to design a limited collection for Mr. Price (a South Africa based retailer) and complete a 2 week internship with them in Durban, South Africa where she was able to learn valuable things that is helping today to promote and turn  Morphé into a successful business.


On a personal note, I did  three fashion internships and two media ones while I was living in New York City  just to learn a bit about the business of fashion and media.

To conclude, if working in the field of fashion or any other one for that mattr is what you really want, it will not hurt you just to get your foot through the door to intern, intern and intern.

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Photo credit: Seembliss, Marize Marlan.



How To: Starting a Fashion Line on a Tight Budget By Mercedes Gonzalez Founder Of Global Purchasing Group

Emerging designer Reuben Reuel for De-mes'tiks.  Source: designsponge
Emerging designer Reuben Reuel for De-mes’tiks. Source: designsponge

For many designers, raising money is usually the biggest obstacle to realizing a successful line marked by longevity. I found this talk by Mercedes Gonzalez, founder of Global Purchasing Group, who educates emerging designers on how to get started from the ground up. Without going bankrupt! She also answers whether or not fashion shows are necessary, how to go about retailing garments and how to pinpoint a target audience. Here at Sereine, we can’t stress enough how important money management is in the game of fashion as most of us to do not have wealthy parents or an inheritance to fund our dreams. Check it out below…



Emerging Designer Resources: Lili Shopping Concept Store

Lili Shopping Concept Store

Are you an established or up-and-coming accessory designer looking for ways to get your brand known to the masses? Lili Shopping Concept Store based in France has been created with the goal to introduce young designers to the general public by selling their collections on their website. If you are interested and would like to know more about how Lili Shopping can help you take your brand to the next level contact them for more info here.

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Emerging Designer Resources: BabyBrand


As a designer, the big dilemma that many newcomers are faced with is how can they create buzz for their brand and get their clothes out to the stores for the consumers to buy them in such a competitive fashion industry.

To help young designers get on the path to achieve success, get the sales contracts, the mentorship and the financial backing they need to take their brand to the next level, famed French fashion publicist Gerald Cohen founded Babybrand and the contest that goes by the same name to showcase emerging talents.

Babybrand gives to these designers the opportunity of a lifetime to get free press for six months, work with a team and have their own stand at one of the most prestigious tradeshows in Paris, “le salon Vendôme Luxury” where they can meet buyers from some of the most prestigious boutiques and department stores.

Every six months, the contest is open to new designers and to be eligible to participate, your brand has to be based in France or in the European Union and not be more than five year-old.  For those interested in knowing more about Babybrand and their next contest, email them at : info@babybrand.fr  Past winners have been Constance Boutet, Parme Marin, Derm-Ink & Courduroy.

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Photo credit: Babyrand


Emerging Designer Resources: BFC NEWGEN

LFW Simone Rocha Spring 14 Collection

Here at Sereine Magazine, we try to showcase emerging designers and give them a platform to talk about their work.  What a lot of designers may or may not know is that some resources are available to them to get their business off the ground or take it to the next level.  That is where NEWGEN comes into play.  NEWGEN which stands for New Generation was created in 1993 by the BFC ( British Fashion Council) to  showcase and promote new designers.

NEWGEN offers catwalk designers financial support towards their show costs and the opportunity to use the BFC Catwalk Show Space. Others receive sponsored presentation or exhibition space to showcase their collections, offering an important introduction for young UK-based designers to influential press and buyers from around the world. NEWGEN also provides business and mentoring support through the BFC in partnership with Shoosmiths, Baker Tilley and Lloyds TSB. Former NEWGEN recipients include Simone Rocha (above) and Mary Katranzou (below).

LFW Mary Katranzou Spring 14 Collection

To know more about NEWGEN and how it can benefit your business, click this link that will take you straight to their webpage.

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Photo credit: Style.com