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Friday Favorite:Tika Sumpter For Rolling Out Magazine

Tika SumpterFor Rolling Out Magazine

I am back again for another Friday Favorite post. This segment is all about showcassing things that I like. Tor today’s post, I have the lovely/gorgeous actress Tika Sumpter’s cover and fashion spread for the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine.  For more about Friday Favorite, check out some old features here.  As always, tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Tika Sumpter For Rolling Out Magazine

Tika Sumpter For Rolling Out Magazine

Tika Sumpter For Rolling Out Magazine

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Photos: Rolling Out Magazine


Friday Favorite: Brooklyn Crab Spot


For my Friday Favorite post this week that I have been neglecting, the spotlight is on a seafood restaurant called “The Crab Spot” located in Brooklyn, New York. For a first visit, my friends and I were nicely greeted and were pleased with the decor, atmosphere and service. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The food is not too pricey and if you like seafood like I do, you will indulge in the many offerings of this restaurant.

Brooklyn Crab Spot 017

I ordered the  “Deep South Combo”  Above and below.  I have to admit that my senses were going gaga over the fried calamari that I forgot to take a picture of my plate. I usually don’t order fried calamari at restaurants because of a  bad experience but to my surprise theirs were crispy, well seasoned and well cooked. I ended up ordering another plate just to take home. I recommend it! So guys take your friends and family and pay them a visit.

Brooklyn Crab Spot

Address: 833 Union Street. Brooklyn New York 11215.

Business hours:Sund-Thurs 2pm-10pm, Friday-Sat 2pm-12am.

Phone: 718-622-crab.

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Friday Favorite: Shop Alison Raffaele Annual Sale

Alison Raffaele annual-sale

Here at Sereine Magazine, we are big fans of emerging brands. A favorite of ours is Alison Raffaele cosmetics. Today is your last day to shop the Alison Raffaele annual sale event. Save 40% off on everything by using the promo code Lucky 13 at checkout.

Since its creation in 2008, Alison Raffaele’s cosmetic has been offering women of all shades the opportunity to live and feel beautiful in their own skin. She also offers easy-to-use eco-friendly cosmetics with treatment-oriented formulations designed to create a healthy and flawless complexion, for any makeup look. Shop the line here.

Here is Alison below talking about singer/ songwriter Esnavi becoming one of the faces of her brand.

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Friday Favorite: Vintage Shopping: Tilt Vintage Boutique Paris

 Tilt Vintage boutique Marais Paris

HI guys, this is Roberte for another Friday Favorite post. This week, I am taking you to Paris for some vintage shopping at Tilt Vintage. Tilt Vintage is a vintage heaven shop with two locations in Paris and two others in Lille and Lyon. The shop located in the trendy neighborhood of the Marais in Paris is a popular destination for locals and visitors because it offers a variety of cool vintage pieces at affordable prices.

Tilt Vintage Marais Paris

Tilt Vintage Marais Paris

With new arrivals every Thursday, your best bet is to be there on that day to scout new vintage goodies at a steal. Wanna see what Tilt is all about before your next trip to Paris? Check their webpage here.  Happy shopping in the city of lights!!!

Address : 8 rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris, France
Telephone :
E-mail :
Métro :  Ligne 1 to Saint-Paul

Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week from 11am to 8pm.



Friday Favorite: My Plans For the Week-End

joes_crab_shack_New York

So today is Friday and like most Fridays, it is time to unwind and get ready for the week-end. I am pretty sure that many of you have plans especially that we are entering the last days of summer. At any rate, please let us know what you have in mind for this weekend. For me, it will be resting, getting ready for my trip and trying out Joe Crab Shack  for the first time since they recently opened their first location in Harlem, Manhattan. Cannot wait to see what the buzz is all about.  See a few pics of what is on their menu below





Happy Friday and have a great wee-ends guys!  As always, thanks for stopping by.


Friday Favorite: Music Event: Esnavi, Talib Kweli, India Arie, Luke James & Rapsody Live at The BAM on August 29

Hi guys, it is Roberte today for our another Friday Favorite segment where Leah and I talk about the things we like such as artists, music, dinning, plays etc…

Are you into hip hop and soul music? Well, if you do and plan on visiting the New York City area on August 29, 2013 stop by the BAM ( Brooklyn Academic of Music) to see some music legend Talib Kweli,  Grammy-wining singer/writer/Producer India Arie, emerging soul singers Esnavi ( my girl), Luke James and Rapsody.

Tickets for the BAM Truth Serum event are on sale now and can be purchased online by visiting or at the BAM box office located at 30 Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn. Let the party begin!

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Friday Favorite: TLC Movie Trailer


Hi guys, it is Friday, the week-end is finally upon us and I plan on making the best of it after a not so great week. Today’s Friday Favorite is about one of the biggest female groups of all time, “TLC”.  As many of you may recall, TLC was really at the height of their career in the 1990 and early 2000’s until, one of their group members Lisa Lopes aka Left Eye died in a tragic car accident in South America.

Like most fans, I was really surprised to hear about the making of the movie by surviving group members Chilli and T-Boz and was not really excited about it. But now after seeing the trailer, I have to say that I cannot wait to see the movie that will debut on October 21 on VH1. If you are a fan of TLC, let me know below if you plan on watching the movie. In other TLC news, the group plans on releasing a new album on October 15. Cannot wait to hear new music from my girls.


Friday Favorite: A Trip to Bountiful


What an awesome play! I had the pleasure of seeing “A Trip to Bountiful” on Broadway this week. Between the amazing performances, beautiful set design, great writing and acting, I am encouraging everyone visiting New York City to see it.

It’s hard to put into words the talent that Cicely Tyson has because she is an actress who has the uncanny ability to become a chameleon and immerse herself in any character.  From her comedic timing, visceral expressions and reflective angst as matriarch Carrie Watts, she definitely stole the show.

Vanessa Williams turned in a great performance as well as her bossy, slightly selfish daughter in law Jessie Mae. Cuba is also a great actor, but I felt his character was more caricature than conflicted and passive as the son ( Luddie)  caught between his wife and mother. If you are ever in the NYC area, and you are looking to take in a good show,  I recommend this one. Go see it!


Friday Favorite: Harlem Tavern

Harlem  Tavern

A new favorite of mine is none other than Harlem Tavern located in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. The food is traditionally American, and it is finger-licking good. Last Saturday, one of my sister’s girlfriends introduced us to this eatery and I am glad she did because now they have a new fan. I got the mussels in a tomato sauce with a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

Harlem Tavern

Harlem Tavern

If you are ever in New York city hop on the C train and head to Harlem to experience it yourself. This place is very popular and gets crowded really fast especially on week-ends. If you don’t mind it, go for it!

Address: 2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd
(at 116th St )
Manhattan, NY 10026

Business Hours:Monday-Friday 12pm-2am
Saturday-Sunday 11am-2am

Hope you like the photos I took, Still gotta work on my photographic skills.


Friday Favorite: Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

coney island  trip new York City

Hey guys,

Roberte here for another Friday Favorite post and for today it is all about having a good time at America’s most beloved seaside destination.

coney island  beach  new York City

For today’s post, I am taking you to one of my favorite places in New York City, Coney Island. New Yorkers know Coney Island very well and enjoy going there when the temperature rises during the summer months. What is wonderful about this destination spot is that it combines, sun, beach, food and fun all at the same time for the enjoyment of children and grown ups alike.

coney island  trip new York City

I recently went there with a couple of my friends to enjoy the rides, the food, the scenery, and we all had a blast.

coney island  rides new York City

There is so much to do there, so I will advise you to come to Brooklyn, New York to see what Coney Island has to offer. No need to drive there, it is easily accessible by trains. Take the F, Q and N trains to the last stop in Brooklyn, Coney Island and enjoy the fun.

coney island beach New York City

coney island  trip new York City

If you are ever hungry Nathan’s got you covered even though there is plenty of eateries there to please your palette. I got the chili-cheese hot dog and the cheese fries (see below).

coney island  trip new York City

Nathan Coney Island new York City

Nathan's Chili Cheese Fries Coney Island, Brooklyn, Neww York City

Nathan Chili Cheese dog Coney Island Brooklyn, New York

Coney Island awaits you! Stop by if you are planning to be in the New York City area this summer to see what it is all about.

Happy Friday!!!!

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Friday Favorite: Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monae


I saw this video about 2 months ago and there was something about it that I was really feeling! I think Janelle tends to be a little out there at times but I appreciate that she is making an actual attempt at artistry and originality. Add Erykah Badu to the mix and the dope level increases x10! What I took away from the message was not new but a good reminder: people will always have something to say about you, good or bad but at the end of the day, we do not dull our abilities and intelligence to make others feel comfortable. Nor do we put others down to make ourselves feel better. I know that this mindset helps build real confidence and shrinks insecurities . Enjoy the video below and have a great weekend!


Friday Favorite: Belleville Paris


On Tuesday, I wrote about the latest H&M designer collaboration with fashion designer Isabel Marant. Margareta van den Bosch, a creative advisor at H&M had this to say about marant, “She has a fantastic eye for ethnic detail and the rare ability to create something that people really want to wear.”

A Belleville Street Cafe

One of of the reasons why Isabel has been so successful is because she often get inspired by the people she encounters in her Belleville neighborhood of Paris. For this latest Friday Favorite, I decided to put the spotlight on this neighborhood  where legendary French singer Edith Piaf grew up and that I visit every time I am in Paris.

Just like Isabel Marant, my aunt lives in the neighborhood that is home for French natives but mainly many West and Northern Africans, Haitians, Chinese, Middle Easterners, Jewish people etc…

Belleville Chinese Street
A Belleville Chinese Street

Belleville ‘s diverse ethnicities has made it what it is today.  A lively neighborhood  where you can find one of a kind pieces from mom’s and pop’s shops available anywhere else.

I like to shop in Belleville because as soon as you get off the metro, the streets are filled with vendors selling vintage pieces among other things. On top of that, the prices are really affordable. Some of the deals that you get are to die for.   If one day you are in Paris get on the number 2 line direction Nation and get off at Belleville.  Walk around and take it all in. You  might then understand  why Isabel Marant chose to live in this multi-racial neighborhood and why H&M thinks that she has an eye for ethnic details to carry their latest designer collaboration.

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Friday Favorite: Havana Twists


If you are thinking about a new do for the summer or just want to change things up, let me suggest Havana Twists! I love how natural, full and playful this style is and for my low maintenance hair ladies it is a great option.  The hair that is used is not the typical “marley hair” but from a brand you can order from The twists are actually installed with a twist method as opposed to a braid so it really looks like your hair.


Of course everyone’s favorite trendsetting naturalista Solange rocked them out at the 6th Annual Roots Picnic…


What do you guys think?


Friday Favorite: Singer/Songwriter Chrisette Michele


Roberte here for another post on all my favorite things in life. It is my personal corner where I share some of the things that I love in the field of fashion, music, food, travel, shopping and more…

Chrisette Michele arriving at celebrity hair stylist Keith Campbell Decide To Be Beautiful book launch in New York City.
Chrisette Michele arriving at celebrity hair stylist Keith Campbell’s Decide To Be Beautiful book launch in New York City.

For today, the spotlight is on American Grammy Award-winning R&B and soul singer-songwriter Chrisette Michele. What I love about Michele is her real, raw and authentic talent. Her voice is soulful but also very jazzy. Her music is so positive and always moves me. For that reason, she is one of my favorite female singers in the world. Take a listen below by watching the video for her latest single A Couple Of Forevers.  I love me some Chrisette and this song is on heavy rotation on my I-Pod.

If you live in or are planning to visit New York City on June 11, she will be performing at the Luxury Infinity Yacht at 8pm. Her latest album entitled “Better. ” will also be available on that day. For more info visit her webpage here.


Friday Favorite: Garnier Fructis Hair Products

Another hair product post for our weekly “Friday Favorite” segment. Like most women, I am obsess with my hair especially when it comes to finding the right products that will keep my kinky curly coils under control, soft, manageable and mostly heathy. One hair brand that I am literally obsess with is Garnier Fructis.

Every week, I wash my hair with the Sleek&Shine fortifying conditioner below.

garnier 03

I follow by a deep treatment that I homemade, then I follow by twisting my hair with the Sleek&shine intensely smooth leave-in conditioner below and my favorite hair oil.

garnier 06

Once in a while, I use their Sleek&shine fortifying shampoo when my hair is really dirty to get rid of buildup. Not only my hair stays soft but it smells really good which is a definite plus for me.


Every day before leaving the house, I spray my mixture of the Sleek&Shine leave-in conditioner, water and oil into my hair for added moisturizing, then I am good to go about my business.  Is there a hair product s that you guys cannot leave without, if so, please leave me a comment below.