Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014 First Edition

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014  First Edition

This past weekend,  Amsterdam in the Netherlands was the place to be for many emerging designers. Although, we did not physically cover the event, we were glad to be contacted by the organizers and to get the rundown on the work they do to promote emerging talents.

A few info on Amsterdam Fashion Week and its aim.

AFWA was founded by Diana Tambe, a young designer from Africa known for her red carpet clothing line Black Pearl’s Secret. Due to a need for a platform doing justice to African and African inspired fashion, culture and art in the Netherlands, she founded AFWA.

A unique three-day event organized on an annual basis in the capital city of the Netherlands.  AFWA 2014 aims to emphasize the influence and contribution of African fashion designers in today’s international fashion scene. Never before has this city witnessed such a big multicultural fashion event before.

Africans as well as African inspired designers from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe presented their collections to an international audience in Amsterdam. This year 20 designers were invited to present their collections through inspiring fashion shows, in order to titillate the fashion loving audience.

For more info on how you can sign up for their next event or attend as a fashion blogger or journalist. Visit their webpage here.

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Interview: Kenya Jametta Founder/ CEO of LA Emerging Designers and Tokio Fever

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

We starting off this week with Kenya Jametta,  the founder/CEO of  LA Emerging Designers and the head designer behind her own fashion label Tokio Fever. Kenya James is an accomplished woman and her work is one of the reasons why I wanted to highlight her endeavors: showcasing the work of  emerging designers onto the LA fashion scene and to the world of fashion. I had the honor to ask her a few questions  that any aspiring designers or brands need to know to take their business to the next level.

SM. Hi Kenya, can you tell us about the LA Emerging Designers and how the idea came about to launch it?

KJ-LAED came about quite unexpected actually. With me being a new comer to LA, as well as an emerging self-taught Fashion Designer, I had no idea where to begin as far as showcasing my designs. First, I did some research on presenting my collection as an emerging designer with some of LA’s premier and most popular Fashion Week venues, and found them to be way out of my budget range as an emerging designer. Secondly, I knew that presenting my collection for the first time, in a new place, and where I was unknown, could mean a huge possibility that the showcase would be unsuccessful. Then I began to think bigger…. “Why not produce a showcase during LA Fashion Week that showcases ONLY Emerging Designers and Artists. And so I did.

SM. In trying to establish the LA Emerging Designers, how were you able to get sponsors to work with you and secure funds for it?

KJ – This was a huge challenge. As LAED was new, and had no financial backing, I first looked to build a team around me for additional support. I was able to find two individuals that totally backed my vision and shared the same interests in highlighting unknown talent, who were both from the LA area. My team consisted of myself, my publicist Ms.JGray of Image is Everything PR and Zella of Zella Blogs. With them having already established relationships with many emerging designers, bloggers, media and possible sponsors and supporters, they completed most of the footwork. The two of them were able to secure sponsors willing to donate product in which many of them were used as gift bag sponsors. I was able to secure a venue at a minimal cost, which allowed me the ability to offer showcasing with us very affordable to truly Emerging Designers. I am hoping that this year we will be able to secure an event larger venue, as well as securing additional sponsors.

SM.Most designers, especially emerging ones expect some big returns when they sign up for any fashion related events. At the beginning stages, how were you able to find these designers and convince them to work with you?

KJ -This is very true. First, I stuck to searching for true emerging talent. This meant fresh new designers, willing to invest in building their own brand. Majority of the designers that we worked with last year were establishing their brands and wanting to present a collection, maybe even their first go around. While some emerging designers are expecting some sort of recognition on a large-scale, most emerging designers just want their work and talents to be seen, recognized and acknowledged…. and those where the designers that I wanted to work with. My team and I utilized social media, as well as the LEAD website in order to promote and recruit, and surprisingly they found us!

SM. An event cannot be complete without media coverage. How were you as well able at the beginning stages to convince them to work with you?

KJ  Finding media outlets can be challenging, however our Public Relations Coordinator was able to secure media outlets that wanted to view fresh designers. We were able to secure a host of respectable bloggers, photographers, fashion writers, local radio stations, boutiques, socialites and tastemakers of fashion to attend the show and interview the designers, as well as cover red carpet.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. What would you say were the biggest challenges that you faced along the way? 

KJ- The biggest challenges were initially securing media, and managing and maintaining the actual budgeting for the production. We needed to be sure that everything was planned accordingly and was feasible in order to keep costs low for the designers as well as LA Emerging Designers.

SM. What would you say was your biggest accomplishment so far?

KJ- I would have to say my biggest accomplishment was successfully completing the production, while staying true to what I intended LAED to be. A full runway production showcasing only raw emerging designers and artists.

SM. Why should any emerging designers work with you?

KJ- Well, for starters we have built a strong foundation and network for the emerging designers that have worked with us. We take value in creating an online presence as well as promoting and working with our designers year round. Most importantly, we offer a valuable platform that highlights emerging designers during LA Fashion Week at a cost efficient affordable price to emerging designers.

SM. What criteria do emerging designers need to meet in order to work with you?

KJ- We have a very specific process in which we select designers that we would like to showcase with us. First, a designer must complete and submit a full application along with recent photos of their work. All applications are submitted directly to me, and I review each application with a fine eye. I look for detail oriented designers with a strong point of view, construction is extremely important, as well as the ability to produce a complete cohesive collection for viewing.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. LA Fashion Week is a great platform for designers to showcase their work; can you tell us how the collaboration between you and them started?

KJ– Well LA has a pretty diverse and free-flowing market. There are a variety of LA Fashion Week show productions and producers that showcase throughout the weeks of LAFW both March and October. We look forward to possibly partnering up with one of the larger production venues in the near future.

SM. By that I mean how did the LA emerging designers showcase come about during LA Fashion Week?

KJ- While formulating my plans for this showcase, I wanted to keep in mind creating a significant platform for emerging designers. I thought “What better opportunity than to showcase during LA Fashion Week?” I selected a date and began planning.

SM. My blog is about showcasing emerging designers and letting them know about the resources available to them. Where can emerging designers get the help they need to get their line off the ground?

KJ- Research, research, and more research! An emerging designer can always benefit from beefing up on and utilizing some really great online resources for emerging fashion designers, such as www.startupfashion.com and www.thefashionpotential.com. In addition, learning the process of production, sales and merchandising is extremely important for every designer and entrepreneur to know. As the Founder of LA Emerging Designers, I wanted to create a platform that made LA a place that embraces emerging designers and artists. We partner with emerging designers who desire to build and broaden their establishing brands. Our premium services offer affordable studio design & meeting space, in addition to premium services that will allow designers to serve their growing clientele. Our member services include: Showroom Services & access to leading Stylists, Private Showcase Production, Photo Shoot Production, Linkage to PR Services, as well as Tailored Online Services. All of which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the designer.

SM. I often hear from many of them that securing funds is one of the biggest challenges they are faced with. Do you have any advice (business wise) for them when money is an issue?

KJ- Yes. Funding is always a major concern with emerging designers. My advice would be to move at a steady, feasible pace. Knowing your financial limits, and being sure you are fully prepared to take on your journey as a designer and entrepreneur. Being prepared, planning and budgeting are extremely important.

Tokio Fever Collection by Kenya Jametta

SM. Besides helping emerging designers, you are also the designer behind the fashion brand Tokio Fever. Can you tell us about your latest collection and where is it available?

KJ- My latest and very first complete collection to date is entitled “Mod Meets Japan”. I was very inspired by the Mod era so I drew inspiration from Super Model Twiggy, as well as two of my favorite Japanese Designers: Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. I used that inspiration to blend the aesthetics of classical Japanese flare adding a twist of 60’s Mod era bold colors and textures. I really had fun creating this collection! You can visit www.tokiofever.com to shop the collection.

SM. Last but not least, how can anyone interested in working with you get in touch with you?

KJ- For LA Emerging Designers you can reach us by visiting www.laemergingdesigners.com or sending us an email to info@laemergingdesigners.com

For Tokio Fever inquires you can visit www.tokiofever.com or email kenyaj@tokiofever.com

Photos Tokio Fever by Nam Ngo


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Sereine Magazine Featured in the TiesDotCom’s Gentle Manual Blog


Two weeks ago, Leah and I had the pleasure to be part of a panel of experts for men’s fashion accessories online retailer TiesDotCom’s blog,  The Gentle Manual . The subject of our discussion was on “Breaking the Rules” when it comes to men’s fashion.  It was the first time that we were asked to give our opinion on men’s fashion, and we sincerely enjoyed doing it. Take a look at what we have to say below on this matter.

12. Rule to Break: Men Should Never Wear Pink


For a long time I was against the idea of men wearing pink because of it’s long standing history as a girls’ color. Recently, men have been incorporating this color very effectively into their wardrobe. A pink tie/bow balanced with a darker suit does wonders for a man’s style. A nice pink shirt balanced once again with dark pants can also be easily pulled off as long as they stay within the limit.”

– Leah Hogan | Sereine Magazine | @SereineMagazine

13. Rule to Break: Only Wear Black, Grey and Navy Suits

“Suit colors: Will only charcoal gray, navy or black do? While these colors should be the foundation for a guy’s wardrobe, adding a brighter color always adds a nice element. For interviews, depending on the industry, you can opt for a tan or wheat colored fitted suit. For casual time, seersucker is a good look even a nice breathable cotton in a pastel color (think baby blue, soft green even peach). Of course, you want to use good judgment and find a color complimentary to your complexion.”

Leah HoganSereine Magazine | @SereineMagazine

14. Rule to Break: Don’t Wear Suspenders Because They Are Old Fashioned

I would love to see more men embracing them [suspenders]! Instead of treating them as an old relic reserved for grandfathers, men can turn suspenders into something they can dress up for work with a nice suit or dress down for play and add contrast with a nice pair of sneakers or casual top. Many of them come in a variety of colors so they can have fun with different looks that suit their fashion aesthetic (preppy, edgy, classic, etc..).

-Roberte | Sereine Magazine | @SereineMagazine

Read the rest of the article here.

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Emerging Designer: Yuvna Kim


Yuvna Kim

We are starting off the week in beauty with Yuvna Kim,  an incredible couture women’s designer based in London.


Born  on the island of Mauritius,  Kim has always wanted to become a fashion designer.  After moving to the UK to pursue her studies in Law and working in the field of entertainment, in 2010,  she realized that it was time to start her own brand.  After traveling to Asia and other parts of the world researching and learning different techniques , in 2012,  she  started her own design studio  “Yuvna Kim London“. She  specializes  in bridal couture and Red Carpet gowns by creating bespoke hand embellished pieces that are tailored to fit each  individual.  Take a look at some pieces from her spring/summer 14 collection below.

Yuvna Kim

Yuvna Kim  Spring/Summer 14 Collection

Yuvna Kim Spring/Summer 14 Collection


Yuva Kim Spring/Summer 14 collection



Photos: Felicities


Emerging Handbag Designer: Taeseok Kang

SDHBPOL1-2014aw (4)

Today, we are showcasing London-based emerging accessories brand Taeseok Kang.


Taeseok Kang  is about impeccable handcrafting when it comes to their bags.   By creating unique pieces in luxurious vegan leathers with features that include thumb printed plates, gold-plated nipples and ponytail tassel embellishments, Kang’s designs explore couture bags and the human body.  His surrealist approach results in designs that celebrate the provocative and the taboo.

SDHBPOL2 -2014aw (2)

SDHBPOL4-2014aw (4)

SDHBPOL6-2014aw (2)

SDHBPOL5-2014 aw (5)

His current collection includes a covetable range of statement bags , cases and totes, with a small selection of pieces in red, cream, navy and baby blue as seen below.

SDHBPOL12-2014aw (1)

SDHBPOL11-2014aw (6)

SDHBPOL11-2014aw (3)

SDHBPOL7-2014aw (2)

 For more info on Kang’s designs and where to shop click here.

Photo credit: Felicities


Emerging Designer: Black Boy Place


Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a grand opening reception in lower Manhattan for Black Boy Place, a Parisian mens/womenswear company that launched in 2010. The brand quickly gained popularity in Paris most likely for its simplistic yet innovative merging of sporty streetwear. The most recent famous face to  don the brand have been international music stars JayZ and Beyoncé during their worldwide On The Run tour.



The name of the brand does not allude to skin color, but to the dark side of a man’s nature and appeals to the class act guy seeking an urban look. “Fashion belongs to those who have creativity” is the theme that drives the collection and are obviously inspired by “working” art particularly legendary graffiti artist Jean – Michel Basquiat. There are parallels with both BBP and Basquiat in that he created at a time where hip-hop, punk and street intersected, BBP also draws from rock and hip-hop infused into their brand including hoodies, button down shirts, sneakers etc. Check out a few of their offerings below…and leave a comment!








What say you SM family? You can find Black Boy Place via their website linked above or other social media outlets:








Emerging Accessory Designer: Imogen Belfield



The week is finally over and what a busy one it had been for me. To end the week in fashion, we are showcasing an amazing accessory brand founded by Imogen Belfield, one of the top, up and coming jewelry designer in London.


Inspired by her surroundings, Imogen Belfield loves to experiment with designs. Her  influences come from both architecture and nature that she combines to create one of a kind pieces. With delicate porcelain fragments enrobed in the textured metals of gilded bronze, silver, steel and gold, her collection which includes pendants, rings and necklaces are hand crafted with materials such as paper, plastics and even fruits that she molds to give an organic twist.




Belfield aims to create pieces that are beautiful and challenging; modern yet classic, bold, yet subtle. Each design cannot be recreated, making her work incredible, covetable and a favorite of many celebrities. Fans of the brand are Cameron Diaz, Georgia May Jagger, Uma Thurman, Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora.

fin10 fin16




Indeed Belfield’s pieces are gorgeous and definitely unique, no wonder they are coveted by women  looking for originality and exclusive gems that are modern and classic.




To know more about Imogen Belfield and where to buy her gorgeous pieces, check out her retail page here.

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Photos: Felicities



Emerging Brand: A Tramp of Disguise by Sini Moilanen

Trump in Disguise

We are already Wednesday.Time flies. I recently traveled to Geneva, Switzerland and let just say that I had a great time there. I honestly did not want to come back to Paris. Now that I am back home, it is time to feature another great fashion brand. This week’s emerging fashion designer is  from Finland, her name is Sini Moilanen. She is the face behind UK-based fashion label  “A Tramp in Disguise“.


Established in 2010, Tramp in Disguise is an emerging womenswear label known for its colourful prints and contemporary knitwear pieces.  It offers dazzling collections that are fun, youthful, modern and edgy. Moilanen  has taught herself print design and it plays a significant role in all of her collections as seen below in her latest offerings. Tramp in Disguise took part during London Fashion Week for the first time with their SS11 collection at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

Trump In Disguise

Trump In Disguise

Trump In Disguise

Trump In Disguise

I am a big print fanatic and it is no wonder that some celebrities are fan of this young and vibrant contemporary fashion brand.

Tramp in Disguise

Tramp in Disguise

Tramp in Disguise

Tramp in Disguise

See more looks below.

Tramp in Disguise

Tramp in Disguise

Tramp in Disguise

Tramp in Disguise

To know more about Tramp in Disguise and where you can get your hand on one of their pieces, feel free to drop them an email here.

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Photos: Tramp in Disguise

Magazine Cover

Nneka Edozien For Zen Magazine Africa


We love to support independent and emerging fashion publications like Zen Magazine Africa. On the cover of their July 2014 issue is the beautiful and talented Nigerian model Nneka Edozien.

Also in the same issue,  those interested in how to become a model can get a better understanding of the industry as the publication follows the lives of three fashion models Betty Adewole, Tendai Makeri, and Dante Sainten. 

Interested in knowing what is happening in Africa? Who are the shakers and movers that are changing the way people see their country and Africa as a whole? Continue reading  at Zen Magazine Africa here.

Photo credit: Zen Magazine Africa

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Zendaya for Flaunt Magazine


Zendaya Coleman is the latest star to break out of the Disney caste to tackle more challenging roles in Hollywood. The actress and multi platinum selling singer has currently been named the face of Madonna’s Material Girl line  and was chosen to portray late singer Aaliyah in her biopic but has since dropped out of the project. Apparently Aaliyah fans are very protective of her image and who they want to play her but that shouldn’t take away from Zendaya’s talent. Here’s to hoping Zendaya maintains a positive image an branches out in a way that highlights her talents as opposed to another Disney star whose twerking skills or lack thereof overshadows her music! It was nice to hear the 17 year old wants to stay with Disney for now to appeal with her young fan base in her interview with the publication. Check out the recent spread by Flaunt Magazine below where she is rocking looks by J Brand, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Fausto Puglisi….




Shot_02_2861BW Shot_04_2979





Photo Credit: Frederic Auerbach

Special thanks again to The Confluence Group for providing this spread!!

See video of the shoot here.



Emerging Brand: Georgie & Elaine


Georgie & Elaine’s F/W14 line invokes a minimalist vintage feel that no doubt will keep their fan base coming back. Devin Vandermaas the designer behind the brand is a Kings College London and NYU graduate whose also written about style, branding and designs for a private label in New York. We caught up with her to gain some insight into her line, advice to budding designers and what inspires her….

Who is the Georgie & Elaine woman?

The Georgie & Elaine woman belongs to an elite club of what is left of America’s ambitious, successful, and perfectly put together young women who stand against watching trashy reality television and would prefer to pick up Henry David Thoreau. The G&E woman puts thought into what she consumes, knows where it comes from, and cares about what it means. She is not concerned with the questions of who and what she is wearing; she is concerned with why she is wearing it. She doesn’t sacrifice luxury but knows the difference between expensive marketing ploys or ad campaigns, and realistically well-made,   quality products. She is the epitome ofthemodern Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, with elegance and poise. Being feminine is important for a G&E woman and she finds value in delicate understatements. The G&E woman loves to mix her classic staple pieces with momentary accessories in order to achieve her ideal sense of style. Most importantly, the typical G&E woman believes in love, and that it is everlasting.

What inspired you to launch an environmentally conscious womenswear line?
We call Georgie & Elaine ethically conscious.   I was raised in the midwest countryside where I was surrounded by nature and animals and developed a deep appreciation for our environment and everything living in it.  I also feel responsible to preserve it thus as a fashion designer, I was inspired to incorporate vegan leather, Ahimsa ‘peace’ silk, and soy knits and local production into my Fall/Winter 2014 collection.


There are many aspiring designers who are creatives at heart but are not business minded. What advice can you give them when it comes to the financial aspects of managing a brand?

This is a really tough question.  I think managing one’s finances is much easier than acquiring the funds in the first place.  Once you can get funding, then it just becomes about setting a budget and sticking to it. Most new designers make the mistake of spending too much money on photography & styling in the beginning where that money would be better spent in refining and creating more & better samples for sales & PR pulls.


What do your collections offer that stand out above the design pack?

We are the All-American girl brand with two distinguishing factors: 1.) Ethical Fashion and 2.) Smart Separates.

Ethical Fashion:  Georgie & Elaine is proud to be part of the growing design philosophy of ethical fashion. By incorporating non-violent fabrics such as vegan leather and Ahimsa ‘peace’ silk, as well as eco-friendly fabrics such as no-waste novelty fabrics, soy based prints and soy knits, Devin believes sustainability is not simply a trend, it is the future.  Through this concerted effort of building a foundation rooted in ethical designs and conscious business practices, Devin is pleased to provide more options of contemporary fashion to a generation who live passionately and care.

Smart SeparatesTM:  The combination of ethereal blouses and progressive skirts is quickly becoming known as the signature style of Georgie & Elaine.  With versatile separates that you can mix and match from season to season; wearable separates that are appropriate for the office and out past five; and ethical  separates that are consciously made with the best possible fabrics and the best means of production, Georgie & Elaine offers our customer an aesthetic that is rooted in consciousness and versatility.


Where can interested buyers purchase your pieces.

Our collection’s are available on our e-commerce site www.georgieandelaine.com


Thank you Devin and special thanks to Nardin for facilitating this interview!

Magazine Cover

Elizabeth Olsen for Flaunt Magazine

Elizabeth Olsen


Elizabeth Olsen is reaching out for “next” in Hollywood.  Her appearance in Godzilla received great reviews despite not having a large part in the film and with roles in Martha Marcy May Marlene, Silent House and the upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron she appears to be building a solid resume. I loved this shoot for Flaunt Magazine as her looks ran the gamut: stripped down to ultra glam high fashion. The NYU grad is also a singer and is the namesake of her older sisters clothing line “Elizabeth and James” (James is their older brother). She was outfitted by the usual suspects in top designers, Dolce & Gabanna, Lanvin, Valentino and Louis Vuitton.  Check out the link below of the shoot by Hunter and Gatti  and let us know what you think!











Special thanks to The Confluence Group!



Show Review: Edwing D’Angelo Resort 2015

Edwing D'Angelo and models

I attended Edwing D’Angelo’s show a few weeks ago and due to technical difficulties I was able to upload to Instagram but not the blog until now….le sigh! The show was held atop a balcony roof on a perfect spring evening with great views overlooking Central Park North. The industry veteran bought resort luxury to Harlem with an easy breezy, always sexy collection with some winning pieces. The colors and prints were appropriate blues in varying hues, whites and metallics. The fabric choices for many of the pieces were also great. Silk chiffons. Italian cottons. Double faced jerseys. Tropical wools . These breathable materials are not only travel friendly but also forgiving in case you lingered a little too long at the buffet at the all inclusive hotel. Of course, the talk of the show were the face covering visors as seen on the runways and made famous by a particular  “assistant” to the former owner of the LA Clippers. I have to say the jumpsuits and sheath dresses were my faves but you can decide for yourself, so go ahead and check out the full collection below via our YouTube page!


Edwing D'Angelo


Edwing D'Angelo- Women

Edwing D'Angelo- Men

For the men the looks are more structured as Edwing flirted with the lines between business and vacation casual with abstract lines and lightweight cottons.

Edwing D'Angelo- Women


Edwing D'Angelo- Women


What say you SM family? Tell us what you think below.

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Emerging Brand: TACKMA mens streetwear


This menswear company is only a year old but their summer collection has all the hallmarks of a well established brand with signature accents and custom made tailoring. Based in NYC, their “Norman’s Cay” collection is 1/3 of a 3 part series inspired by the Bahamian Island of the same name rooted in nautical themes, classic martial arts films and Greek mythology. Spurred on by their “Seek No Approval” mantra, designers Ed Givens and Allan Francisco gives its clients a different twist on sportswear that includes Chino pants made with cotton twill spandex, suede bombers lined with satin and stretch poplin shorts. It can usually take years for a designer to get their creations into the hands of the high profile set, but no one told TACKMA in that their looks have already been worn by Chris Paul, Kevin Durant and even “King James ” himself. Check out some of their offerings below!

















View their video lookbook here! What say you SM readers? Tell us your thoughts below.

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Emerging Brand: Ethologie by Jasper Garvida

ethologie_by_jasper_garvida_aw14_030 Another week and another amazing designer on Sereine Magazine. We are starting off this week with Ethologie by London-based fashion designer Jasper Garvida.


Ethologie by Jasper Garvida is a contemporary fashion brand . Since starting his label in 2008, Garvida has been dubbed as one of UK ‘s  biggest fashion designers to watch. His work has been described as bold, dramatic avant-garde.





For his fall/winter 2014/15 collection Garvida known for his monochrome palette, combined texture and prints to create a more lively and bold collection that showcases sensuality, femininity and  his impeccable workmanship.

ethologie_by_jasper_garvida_aw14_013 ethologie_by_jasper_garvida_aw14_014 ethologie_by_jasper_garvida_aw14_018 ethologie_by_jasper_garvida_aw14_019

Fans of the brand include Liz Hurley, Beverly Knight and Cheryl Cole (just to name a few). For more info on Garvida, check out his webpage here.

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